How Kevin De Bruyne stunned the Brazilian team with his master class passes

The Manchester City forward’s play during the first-half proved that the Belgium team was going to outclass the Brazilian team. The Belgian team managed to reach the World Cup semi-final for the very first time since the year 1986. The Belgian player maker managed to double his teams lead after Fernandinho’s own goal broke the deadlocks. In the second half, the Brazilian team tried to dominate, where they featured a classy header from the substitute Renato Augusto. The Brazilians became so motivated and wanted to deliver another goal inside the Belgian team’s net at least to level things up. Roberto Martinez’s squad held on to the pressure and earned them a famous win over the World Cup favorites.

The powerhouse that the Belgian team possessed was undoubtedly superb. The reds came to the world cup tournament to perform, and that’s what they were doing. However, questions moved around of whether a team that was not inside the historical elite of football was able to convince the world of their superiority. The team performed when it all mattered. They provided the right answers in Kazan. It was a more significant task for the Belgian team to face the Brazilians in the knockout stages of the tournament. The Brazil that came to the 2018 World Cup was not the emotional and very ill-disciplined squad that the German team thoroughly thrashed during the 2014 World cup. Over the two years that have passed, the Brazilian coach, Tite, has managed to emphatically build a balanced, confident and coherent team that he matched to face all European rivals in Russia.

The Belgians were so confident and also well displayed. The early lead gave them a purpose of ripping away the Brazilian team using very tactical pieces of counter attacking. The Belgian team suggested that they were fully aware of whatever they were doing in the field. Honestly speaking, they were the better team in the field. They outclassed the Brazilian team. Experts now suggest that they can be able to win the World Cup. After Belgium’s win, there would be four teams from Europe in the semi-finals. This is the first time that this will happen since the year 1982. The Brazilian demise at the World Cup was a total surprise for many who voted for the team to win the Trophy. Admittedly, all the South American teams have struggled in the tournament.

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