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talos energy

It’s been said time and time again that any independent oil and gas company worth it’s salt needs to have intuitive leadership and solid collection of assets. Maintaining a deeply experienced senior management team is the only way to ensure that an E&P company is focusing its efforts on the right assets at the right moments. Much of the strength of independent oil and gas companies are their ability to stay nimble and face each challenge with every aspect of the business in mind. Whereas larger integrated oil and gas companies often isolate business functions and separate duties and responsibilities. But such an encompassing approach can only succeed when executed by those with a firm understanding of the science behind E&P as well as the fiscal vision to guide a company to success. Meet the new Talos Energy Leadership team.

The Man at the Helm: Timothy Duncan

Founded in 2012, Talos Energy is the brainchild of Tim Duncan and two other co-founders. Duncan is the quintessential oil man of the 21st century that was born into the oil industry. Duncan hardly rested on his lineage though, studying Petroleum Engineering at Mississippi State University, where he was honored in 2012 as a Distinguished Fellow of the College of Engineering. Duncan then earned an MBA from the Bauer Executive Program at the University of Houston. From 2006 to 2011, Duncan was Senior Vice President of Business Development at Phoenix Exploration Company. By 2011, Duncan had helped double the size of the company and successfully closed the sale of Phoenix to Apache Corporation, allowing Duncan and his team to move on to the Talos project.

Duncan is highly dedicated when it comes to the success of his endeavors. He has stated that his biggest achievement is when risky projects pay off. While there is a monetary incentive for such success, Tim enjoys these moments on behalf of his staff because he knows of the sacrifices that his talented team has made. This top down approach to finding success is evident by the constant industry recognition that Talos and Duncan receives. In 2013, Talos Energy was named by the Houston Chronicle as the #1 Top Workplace in the Houston area for companies under 150 employees and has maintained a position on the list of Top Workplaces for the last five years. In June 2016, Mr. Duncan was named as the EY Entrepreneur of the Year for the Energy & Energy Services sector in the Gulf Coast area.

talos energy

The Daily Grind of Stephen Heitzman

Another Talos Founder is Stephen Heitzman who is current Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the independent oil and gas company. Responsible for the daily operation of the company, Heitzman utilizes over 40 years of experience in the upstream energy sector. Heitzman received his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Texas Tech University and was granted the Distinguished Engineer Award by the institution in 2015. One of Heitzman’s earlier Gulf of Mexico conquest was the formation of a start-up oil and gas organization known as Gryphon Exploration. The Gryphon team built a decent reserve base with top quartile operating metrics that were sold to Woodside USA in 2005, at which time Heitzman helped establish the Phoenix Exploration Company.

Exploring the Gulf of Mexico with John Parker

Another Founder of Talos and Phoenix Energy is John A. Parker, current Executive Vice President of Exploration at Talos. Parker is a graduate from Louisiana State University and University of New Orleans where he received an MS in Earth Science. Parker began his career in the oil industry with Shell Oil Company where he was an exploration geologist in the Gulf Coast onshore. Parker went on to manage an exploration team at Gyphon that was responsible for 72% of the company’s reserve discoveries. After Gyphon, Parker joined Duncan and Heitzman in founding Phoenix in which Parker made numerous consequential discoveries resulting in large reserve additions which helped the sale of the company to Apache.

All in all, the members of Talos management and technical teams have on average 30 years of commercial, operational, geological and acquisition experience in the Gulf of Mexico. It is this combined expertise and synergy that keep Talos Energy on top.


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