On a Mission to Help The World: Let’s Meet USHEALTH Advisors’ Mark Brodinsky

It’s a noble idea to want to help everyone you come into contact with, and it’s even more honorable to have the desire to reach the lives of everyone in the world. For Mark Brodinsky, helping a billion people is a task that’s right up his alley. As a long-time author, speaker, former Emmy Award winning news producer, and 18-year veteran personal insurance producer, Brodinsky knows that his position at USHEALTH Advisors can truly enable him to make a world of difference.


Communicating With Others


As a resident of Owings Mills, Maryland, Mark wasn’t always in the health coverage industry. His ability to connect with customers dates back to 1988, where we worked at WJZ Television as on-air talent and as a producer behind the scenes. Despite his love for making a difference at this Baltimore-based news station, he knew that other opportunities could provide him with the ability to connect with even more people on an individual level.

The USHEALTH Advisors Team

After transitioning to the health coverage industry, Brodinsky joined USHEALTH Advisors and became an Agent there. Offering products from the USHEALTH Group portfolio, he works with clients who are self-employed and need individual coverage. Those who are in a freelance capacity or even small business owners find that Mark’s expertise in the industry can offer them peace of mind when they need it most.


The company’s motto of HOPE: Helping Other People Everyday aligns perfectly with Mark’s altruistic nature, as he’s in the unique position of recommending products that truly make a difference.


An Outstanding Track Record


Some find the health coverage industry to be challenging, but it’s an area that Mark thrives in. Between 2001 and 2011, he wrote more than $6,000,000 of business and earned the title of a nationally recognized agent during each of those ten years. His title of Field Sales Leader perfectly encompasses his outlook on his role at USHEALTH Advisors, as he’s leading the way for other colleagues to find their own ways to make a difference.


Between 2011 and 2014, Brodinsky met another huge milestone in his career, expanding upon the financial aspect of his business. Each year, he became a qualifying member of the New York Life “Million Dollar Round Table,” offering him the ability to help shape national best practices in the health coverage industry.


How has he achieved such a high level of success during his 18 years in the business isn’t a mystery, although it does hinge upon his inner values and sense of purpose. USHEALTH Advisors’ President and CEO Troy McQuagge has noted that Mark has an intense desire to help others, and in that vein, he’s able to understand the unique needs of every client he works with. By uncovering the heart of what’s most important to his clients, Brodinsky can offer them products with their best interests in mind.

The Nature Of The Job


As an organization that has experienced tremendous growth since 2010, USHEALTH Advisors offers individual health and supplemental coverage products for individuals who are not eligible for other means of coverage like that of an employer-sponsored plan or state-assisted benefits. As a Field Sales Leader, it’s Mark’s job to present these products to his clients and determine which custom-designed options make the most sense.

Some of the products within the USHEALTH Group’s portfolio include routine health coverage, disability, dental, vision, and life products. None of these plans feature a calendar year deductible and they are available at any time, unlike other ACA options on the market. USHEALTH Group’s coverage is aimed to be affordable, and it’s this feature that allows Mark to make such a huge difference in the lives of so many small business owners and self-employed individuals.


Serving In Other Ways


Not only does Mark Brodinsky get to live the USHA mission of HOPE on a daily basis, but his desire to serve others extends into other areas of his life. A prolific writer, he regularly produces content that speaks to the heart and personal history of families around the nation. He is featured on Huffington Post and often engages in public speaking that focuses on inspiring and motivating topics.


Mark also runs a local Meetup called “Change Your Mind. Change Your Life.” which centers around self-improvement and personal development topics. Despite the time he invests into his busy work week, there’s always room on his plate to act as a resource for others who need some extra motivation to create the best versions of themselves possible.


His writing, speaking engagements, and most importantly his work at USHEALTH Advisors are all a testament to Mark’s unwavering commitment to helping others in any way he can. He often notes that he hopes to reach and inspire a billion people, and at the rate he’s going, this goal will surely be surpassed in no time.

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