NBA and MGM Resorts International Ink Deal

For years and years, since the dawn of professional sports leagues as we know them in the United States, none of the four major league sports organizations – the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and the National Hockey League – have ever joined forces with a casino, sportsbook, or any other gambling organization.

Adam Silver, Commissioner of the National Basketball Association, inked a deal with MGM Resorts for some multi-million-dollar amount just yesterday, marking his tenure of leadership in succession to David Stern – Stern was the most recent Commissioner of the NBA before Silver took over – one of the most profitable in all of the United States’ big four major league sports organizations.

Both the NBA and WNBA – the Women’s National Basketball Association, a sister league of the NBA that both operate under the same corporate umbrella – will fork over official game data with MGM Resorts International.

Most sports betting throughout the past few decades has been unregulated, illicit bets served under the proverbial table. Although gambling can be taken too far, underground gambling typically goes to fund other forms of crime – think of networks of human trafficking, for example. As such, the fact that the NBA became the first sports organization in the United States to ink a deal with MGM Resorts International.

Las Vegas, Nevada’s very own MGM Resorts will pay millions of dollars directly to the NBA in exchange for accurate player statistics. In the past, various betting organizations had their own rules to determine whether blocks were actually blocks, steals were truly steals, and so on for all major – and minor stat categories, as well – stat categories.

Now, gamblers can bet on outcomes of games, spreads, prop bets, and more without having any guesswork play into the deal. Further, casinos will now be able to know exactly when to pay out to players instead of sending gamblers in a perpetual spiral of not knowing whether they won their bets or not and by what margins.

No official terms have been disclosed by either the National Basketball Association or MGM Resorts International. Dollar values of the deal haven’t been shared with the public yet, either.

James Murren, the CEO and chairman of MGM Resorts International, said yesterday that “to be able to have the official NBA data for sports bettors around the world is very valuable … I’ve paid for that.”

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