Tragedy At Florida Tournament

Tragedy struck in Florida on a Sunday afternoon as a group gathered to play a Madden video game tournament. Several people who attended hours each day preparing on how to arrange their teams and the calls that they would make while playing “Madden NFL 19,” the latest in the football series. Marquis Williams was one of those players. Unfortunately, Marquis was among the dozens of people running for their lives after someone started shooting inside of a Jacksonville Landing pizza parlor, the location where the tournament was taking place.

Marquis and a few friends decided to take a break from playing to get a pizza. A few minutes later, they heard something that sounded like a pop coming from the video game area. The people with him at the bar didn’t realize that it was a gun at first and thought that it was a balloon. When the group heard a few more pops that sounded the same as the first, they knew that it was a gun and ran out the door. There were almost 80 people at Chicago Pizza when the shooting started. Since it was a small space, it was difficult to quickly get outside and away from the shooter. Marquis was one of the people who had been eliminated from the tournament, so he wasn’t in the direct pathway of the shooter.

Marquis was aware of the area where the shots were coming from inside the restaurant and could see at least the third and fourth shots fired. While Marquis was running out the door, he was tripping over other people who were scrambling to get outside as well. A 24-year-old man has been identified as the gunman. He was participating in the tournament. He did commit suicide after killing three other people and injuring almost a dozen others. Some of those injured were treated and released the same day while others remained in the hospital overnight.

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