Young Boy Commits Suicide After Being Bullied

The mother of a 9-year-old boy is pleading for students across the country to stop bullying each other after her son committed suicide. The young boy from Denver was bullied soon after he started school because he was gay. Students in his school, as well as some of the people who he called his friends, started making jokes about him and his lifestyle, pushing him to the brink of ending his life. Leia Pierce is now trying to make a statement about bullying and trying to show others that it’s not the right thing to do at any age. She wants others to understand that her son is not alive anymore because he was bullied.

Leia’s son talked to her daughter about the things that the other children in the school were saying about him. He also talked to his sister about how some of the kids thought that it would be better if he killed himself instead of being a gay kid. Jamel Myles will be remembered by his family as a kind person who enjoyed helping others and making other people smile. Leia knew that when her son told her that he was gay that she would still love him and that she would support him.

One of the things that Leia wants other children to realize is that they need to show compassion for people and love each other instead of calling each other names and saying such horrible things that impact the mind and body. Each person is different, and Leia plans to spread her message to schools across the country. When Leia found her son, she was unable to resuscitate him. There was no gun used, but officials have ruled the death a suicide because of the clear evidence presented. Jamel had only recently told his mother that he was gay and that she was accepting of his feelings.

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