A Call for Challenge on Technology Departments by the High-Ranking Female in Samsung Company

Men have dominated major executive positions in various industries. As a result, YH Lee, a senior staff female officer has made a call on women to rise to the occasion and also begin to serve as executive members in the tech industry. Also, the senior member of Samsung has asked females to challenge their male counterparts in such departments. The urge by the Korean giant marketing captain is aggravated by the fact that she has seen an increase in the number of women challenging for the top positions in the past years. YH Lee elucidates that in 2007, she was the only executive female member of the mobile company, and the same trend was seen when she worked for another company in cosmetics. To find a female in a top ranking position was a rare thing. The increase in the female executives is thrilling as it had gradually transpired in the Samsung Company since 2007 when YH Lee joined. The mobile company now has a strong manifestation of remarkably brilliant female administrators.

More so, the rarity of women in the technology world is articulated by women advocate group. The findings conducted by the group shows that only seventeen percent of tech department workers are female, which shows the dominance of male. Thus, the figures call for the encouragement of girls to join STEM lessons while still in school. To attain the high level that is required by the tech industry one must be an expert by pursuing the course related to the task. Also, the young ladies have to see the classes as viable career opportunities.

The world is developing and moving into the digital way of life. For instance, connected smart homes and artificial intelligence are the significant topics coming with the new technology. MS Lee firmly believes that such areas of tech can be adopted by big companies like Samsung and succeed in the near future. The confidence that she has comes from their diverse portfolio as well as the business scale of their products since they can bring a well-connected AI platform to life. Samsung is not purely a mobile company as it deals with full product classifications across the tech departments. Some of the categories include semiconductors, network equipment, and home appliance.

Samsung Company has conquered the tech sector and has a pledge by 2020 to make all its devices connected. Some of the promises are already realized as fridges, washing machines, smart ovens, phones, and tablets are already connected. The company relies on their strength of listening to clients beyond their scale portfolio to outdo other competitors. Through the Smart app, Cloud and Bixby, the firm is working to develop IoT platforms that promise intelligent as well as seamless experiences for a perfectly connected living.

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