Chelsea Women’s Are Ready to Clash with Manchester City Women’s in the Super League.

The Women’s super league is expected to begin this weekend, where two of the favorite teams will be facing each other on Sunday. Manchester City women will pay a visit to the defending Champions Chelsea women. City’s experienced midfielder Jill Scot has noted that the rivalry between the two teams has now intensified as they face again in major games.

The England international, Jill Scott, said that there is something that has developed between the Manchester City players. The rivalry between the two Premier League teams has also grown in the past few years. Whenever Manchester City women’s team step in the field in a match against Chelsea, it always feels like a war. Jill; said that the two teams breath fire at each when they meet during matches. The England International noted that she has friends playing for the Chelsea team. However, when they meet, they always avoid talking about football. They all know that when they do, it will always end up with ugly arguments.

Both teams have the desire and fight, and the rivalry is growing more intense every Year. Jill Scott has won the league while playing for Manchester City, although in a season that was shortened with transitional purposes. Jill confessed that it’s very challenging to defend a title. Each team wants to thrash the other and grab the title. Manchester City women’s was disappointed for having not won a single trophy last season. The previous season had been a tough moment for the City women’s. At one time they thought that they were on course for a silverware. Despite the disappointment, they reached the semi-finals of the Champions League, which was a massive step for the team. It was a dream come true. Now, they believe that they will better it from there and they will pick up the pieces where they left them.

Jill said that it’s very strange that they are facing a strong team like Chelsea. It’s quite challenging to meet them so early in the season. However, the Manchester City team has enough experience with the Blue’s women’s team. Jill said that after playing teams like Lyon and Barcelona, they already know what to expect in big games. However, Jill admitted that the game against Chelsea is another big one. Manchester City’s rivalry should be with Manchester United. However, their neighbors have already set up the pace, and now they have to deal with them first.

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