Flavio Maluf Discusses the Importance of Inbound Marketing

Flavio Maluf is a successful entrepreneur. Despite being born into a wealthy family, he has never been afraid to work hard. Although he is an educated mechanical engineer, he turned to the business world and took over his family’s company. Today, he is an entrepreneur in the food and home goods industries. Eucatex is one of the companies under his control. It was the first business entity to provide environmentally-friendly products to Home Depot. It uses eucalyptus to craft items like wall panels and ceiling tiles.


As a successful entrepreneur, he debunks the myth that starting a business from scratch does not require much effort. He teaches that the only way for a business to grow is by dedicating time to make things work. Maluf discusses another issue that businessmen face. Financial constraints are often roadblocks to starting businesses. However, Flavio explains that there are business models that do not require much capital. It is possible to uncover an investor who is looking for a new and great product or idea. To become successful in the business world, he has had to learn the most effective marketing strategies.


Since Maluf is excited by the evolution of new technological businesses and online services, he feels that it is important to follow their leads and to learn how to incorporate some of their ideas into a person’s individual business. Inbound marketing is directly tied to technology and advancements with social media platforms. He is a strong advocate for this marketing strategy and goes into great detail when trying to educate other businessmen about it.



What is Inbound Marketing?



Maluf has discussed inbound marketing at his website, which includes digital marketing strategies that attract consumers through the sharing and creation of solid content. He explains that this type of strategy relies on a business’s message to draw customers. He calls it “attraction marketing.” Many people in agribusiness have resisted this idea. However, Flavio argues a few points that make it a smart option.



Reasons for Resistance of Inbound Marketing in Agribusiness



Although certain entrepreneurs with successful businesses feel that it is impossible to grow more, it is always possible for a market leader to expand within a particular segment. Flavio feels that inbound marketing is a smart way to achieve this goal. Since things are always changing, anticipating trends is crucial when a business wants to remain successful in an industry that is centered around consumers. Understanding the needs and wants of customers helps to deliver products and services that are relevant. However, certain people argue that inbound marketing has no bearing on agribusiness. Few understand the advantages of this marketing strategy and feel that agribusiness has nothing to do with the digital age. They prefer other product marketing strategies.



How Inbound Marketing Works



Flavio explains the four basic parts of inbound marketing.


  1. Attract an Audience. Maluf explains that attracting an audience is the first part of inbound marketing. It entails obtaining beneficial traffic to a business’s digital channels. The goal is to turn individuals into regular visitors. The best way to achieve this is to introduce relevant content.


  1. Convert Viewers. In a perfect world, inbound marketing will draw a large audience to a business’s website. After people view the site, the goal is to convert many visitors into leads. This heightens a company’s ability to increase sales.


  1. Close the Deal. After the correct audience is attracted, it should be simple to convert viewers into buyers. Closing the sale to qualified buyers is made possible.


  1. Provide Satisfaction. Maluf explains that a sale does not end after an individual makes a purchase. A business will not be successful if a person only buys one item and never returns. To ensure repeat sales, it is essential to satisfy customers. Promoting the brand, listening to consumer needs, and reassuring users that items fill purposes will make buyers come back often and recommend the business’s goods to others.


Advantages of Inbound Marketing



Flavio Maluf explains the advantages of using inbound marketing for the agribusiness sector.



  • Targets the Right People. Inbound Marketing makes it easier to reach the best audience. Releasing segmented content attracts the most advantageous customers.


  • Creates Close Customer Relationships. By providing interesting content to a particular audience, a business generates trust. Customers will relate to the content and will become open to the brand.


  • Heightens Persuasion. It can be difficult to close a sale without persuasion. Inbound marketing is quite persuasive and lessens the doubts in consumers’ minds. It approaches customers in a direct way and provides facts that attract them.


  • Decreases the Time Needed to Sell. A company’s sales cycle is the time that it takes from first customer contact to sale. Since inbound marketing is direct and offers personalized contact, it takes less time to convince a buyer than other marketing strategies.


  • Decreases Costs. Using an inbound marketing strategy can cost less than a traditional marketing campaign that includes paper ads and similar materials. Since it is not as expensive, some people argue that it is not as successful. However, it brings proven results.


  • Real-Time Results. With inbound marketing, it is possible to track information in real-time. With this method, it is possible to quickly identify what is effective and the things that need to be changed.


  • Increases Value of Sales. With a solid inbound marketing strategy in place, it is possible for a company to enjoy a higher value of sales per customer. Inbound marketing makes a consumer more likely to purchase a product or service in the future.




Flavio Maluf continues working hard to bring positive things to his region of Brazil. Recently, he announced that Eucatex and Duratex, another business that manufactures wood products for the furniture and construction industries, have joined forces. The newly formed venture will heighten production of multiple materials, including paint and fiber sheets. They are combining resources in hopes of continuing to fulfill his vision of a profitable future for Brazil.  Check out his analysis on Brazil’s agricultural investment opportunities on Terra.

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