MPs probe into inaction during the Syrian Civil war

Members of Parliament claim that the United Kingdom is to get the blame for the mayhems in Syria. They continued to ask the government to investigate Britain’s involvement in the Syrian wars. The civil war has instigated a high loss of lives and livelihoods and has led to increased Russian interference. Iran has also joined in influencing the European countries. Such European countries are now facing severe penalties for their involvement in the civil war that lasted close to seven years.

On Monday, the MPs call for the inquiry was given out as Russia prepared for an offensive in the enclave of Idlib. Jeremy Hunt, the foreign secretary, rejected the call for an investigation in a letter sent to the committee. He continued to give reasons as to why the UK’s non-intervention was recorded and kept safely. However, the inquiry suggests that the government should make clear the move to approach the UN Doctrine of the duty to protect. It continues to state that the operational costs are recorded in other earlier inquiries such as the Iraq Inquiry. Reliable sources have indicated that the inaction of the UK caused detrimental consequences. There were hefty predicaments for Syria and its neighbors.

In the year 2013, MPs voted out the mission to help Syria in military terms. It was after Bashar al-Assad’s men used chemical warfare to raid a town in eastern Damascus. The move instigated the then U.S. President Barack Obama to retain the use of chemical weapons during times of war. However, the Members of Parliament in the UK parliament insist on making the inquiry inclusive of more details than the August 2013 Common Vote. They also asked about the investigation of the use of chemical weapons, loss of compliance to the Syrian refugees, and the politics surrounding Middle East relations with Russia and the West.

The MPs issued a statement that read as follows: There has been a failure to manifest protection of citizens against crimes and atrocities. It continued to say that the massive way it had hit Syria and its residents was not worth considering the toll paid to the officials. Such results arose from the failure to act by the international community. Furthermore, inaction caused the intervention of Russia and Iran that caused a shift in the politics of the war happening in Syria. They said that the international community should learn from its mistakes thus preventing them from happening in the future.

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