Dherbs is Holistic Health Focused on Rediscovering Ancient Secrets

Holistic medicine seeks to bring the body, mind, spirit, and soul back into its natural balance of homeostasis that is most active when we are younger. That’s the mission that drives Dherbs CEO A.D. Dolphin. The aging process is nothing more than the accumulation of dysfunctional cells that become baggage in our body. This is why we have a chronological age that counts down from our day of birth and a biological age that reflects our commitments to healthy living.

Although genetics plays a role in our bodies various transformations over the years, it is possible to halt or limit the effect of the aging process by taking all things in moderation and keeping our medicine and diets as natural as possible. Eating less food, in general, is thought to extend our lifespans by genetic scientists who study aging. Going through pregnancy later in life, oddly enough, also extends a woman’s lifespan as an assurance that she will live longer to raise her children.

Holistic Healing and Biological Age

There are many quirks programmed into our DNA that are a lot like a string. The more you stretch it in one direction, the less of it remains for other directions. Holistic healing is becoming the first line of defense against any disease. The side-effects of medications and the risk of developing other disorders as a result of treating another have always been major concerns in pharmacology. Putting too much stock in modern medical science is like bathing your piece of string in toxins and hoping that they clean off the soiled areas. The reality is that our bodies want to survive and will continue to heal themselves when we provide some enticements from Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet to nudge them along.The principle behind Holistic healthcare that has made it so appealing to the masses is that it couldn’t hurt to try it. Whether it is yoga paddleboard, medication, a sauna, aromatic therapy, essential oils, or acupuncture, all of these things broadly fall under the homeopathic healing umbrella. There are very few things in nature that can harm us. Mother Nature alerts us to things which are poisonous by giving them aggressive styling that is there to warn people of toxicity. Monarch butterflies, Poinsettia plants, the eyes of poisonous snakes, and blowfish are just a few examples of red alerts.

The scientific name of this phenomenon in creatures is Aposematism. Aposematism revolves around a variety of signals that are made to alert predators to keep their distance. Most of the signals are bright colors that conspicuously alert predators to toxins but can be as subtle as a honey badger’s countershading. The infamy of these ancient signals has led to the evolution of non-poisonous creatures that mimic the famous trademarks of coloring like the knock-off coral snake named the scarlet kingsnake.

There are so many patterns in nature that continue to mesmerize researchers the deeper that they delve. The Fibonacci sequence creates a set of numbers by calculating each number by the addition of the two numbers that precede it (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc). When combined with Phi, this set of mathematics produces the Golden Ratio found through creation. For example, flower pedals substantively grow pedals in the Fibonacci sequence rather than numbers like 4, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14. Each pedal is also situated at ideal Phi ratios to absorb the maximum potential of sunlight. Fruits, vegetables, seeds, pine cones, tree branches, shells, spiral galaxies, hurricanes, animals, and human faces all seem to fall categorically in this Golden Ratio.

The reality that we are all interconnected in one harmonious web of mathematical matter and share the same divine characteristics is encouraging news for everyone seeking to return to natural medicine. We share such similar DNA structures with other plants and animals that it is impossible to shrug off the magical potential of herbal traditions. Humanity has lived for such a long time and overcome all the potentials for dying off because we have been cared for and sustained by Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet since ancient times.

the ceo and founder of dherbs a.d. dolphin
Dherbs CEO A.D. Dolphin

Aspirin is one of the most popular pain relievers on the market today and is nothing more than an isolated compound found in the bark of a tree. Like the mathematical sequences, so many secrets for rejuvenating health and restoring our ideal functions are hidden in nature. The ancient cultures discovered these secrets by experimenting over generation and generations whenever anyone was sick or dying from an ailment.

The simple things like Vitamin B-12 that are found naturally in dairy, eggs, and meats, have such strong detoxifying effects in our bodies. Vitamin B-12 is actually able to stop the toxicity of Cyanide poisoning in megadoses and is one of the few treatments available. When we look at the specialization of how herbs have been used traditionally for similar detoxification and healing and compare it to affirmations from research today, it is truly mind-boggling. Our salty seas and high saline seas like the Dead Sea have famously healed people for many millennia. Mud bath treatments at spas are still being used today to restore the health of aging skin and to detoxify the body.

The Origins of the Full Body Cleanse

Sir Isaac Newton is, arguably, the most famous genius of all time. The entire trajectory of Newton’s life was expressed by his revelation that he wanted to rediscover the secrets known by the ancients. Sir Isaac Newton believed that ancient cultures had the solutions to the problems that puzzle humanity today. This is exactly what DHerbs has done in formulating its body detox. Famous nutritionist A.D. Dolphin formed DHerbs (hereinafter Dolphin-Herbs) after researching such things as the effects of Green Tea in modern studies because of its perceived benefit dating back throughout the history of ancient China. He researched the various remedies mentioned in the Bible, ancient Ayurvedic methods, Native American Indian formulas, and even the benefits of Scandinavian saunas.

Using today’s technology to study the methods used in the past to sort old wives’ tales from definitive treatments with reputable therapeutic effect was the primary goal. In order for these traditions to be passed down from generation to generation, they would have to stand the test of time by proving themselves. The research and testimonials of people benefiting from the Dolphin-Herbs product line speaks volumes to the reliability of timeless cultural traditions. Every culture had access to a different bouquet of herbs and medicines in the natural world around them. Compiling the best traditions into a natural herbal supplement line to safely remove toxins from the body is a brilliant invention.

We Live in a Toxic World

If you study the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning, you will find that there is a subtle absorption of toxins that can take weeks to dissipate. It may be difficult to differentiate the symptoms of exposure to this toxin from other maladies like stress. If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, it may be attributable to CO absorption: low libido, respiratory problems, headaches, weakness, chest pains, difficulty concentrating, confusion, inter alia. Every day you are breathing in poisonous carbon monoxide and creating an internal struggle for your body to cope with the toxins.

These problems are particularly pronounced in inner cities and for people who commute and get stuck in rush hour traffic. Studies demonstrate that people with heart disease are most likely to suffer from a heart attack about an hour after exposure to heavy traffic. It is easy to see how a colorless, odorless, and abundant gas can leach into any vehicle through the interior ventilation. The intake for your climate control ventilation system in your vehicle is located in the engine bay! Any time you turn on your A/C or heat, you may be also breathing in exhaust fumes, burnt oil fumes, and carcinogens being sucked in from the tailpipe in front of you. This doesn’t even address the always present city smog, acid rain, and stale air you breathe in your home.

Other sicknesses are attributable to heavy metal poisoning from contaminated water, lead pipes, lead paint, electronics, and other items mass-produced in third world countries. Seafood and protein shake formulas are notorious sources for heavy metal poisoning. These substances are absorbed into our bodies and can lodge there like lost shrapnel from an old war injury. Although the American Dental Association claims that mercury fillings are safe, when we combine these toxins with other environmental toxins it begins to take an accumulative toll on our health. The vacuum analyses of so many scientific studies require humanity to rediscover the knowledge of the ancients more than ever before.

Everything from our soap to our diet is loaded with more toxic compounds than ever before. While these chemicals are tested in labs and presumed to be safe in humans. The accumulative effect of being exposed to toxic chemicals on a daily basis has a manner of weighing us down and progressing our aging process despite all our medications. The formulation of a specific herbal detox that gathers the best homeopathic secrets into one regimen is an important therapy for everyone in the modern world. You simply have to visit a third world country where the simplicity of life is more easily dissected to see how modern toxicity is choking us. Comparing people who live on small rural farms and eat healthy fresh vegetables and fruits with those who live in cities and consume all sorts of processed preservative-laden foods, it is plain to see who is healthier.

The Benefits of a Full Body Herbal Flush

While it may seem like wishful thinking to escape our environmental toxins without sacrificing great conveniences in our life, it is possible. Foodies are demanding that the origins of their foods be documented and clearly labeled. Many health enthusiasts today are demanding foods that are not genetically modified, loaded with preservatives, or hormones. Entire industries are becoming dedicated to the trend of holistic living and undoing the damage of corporate experimentation on our livestock and produce. Experiencing a full body herbal flush might just be the inspiration you need to start defending yourself against dietary and environmental toxicity.

Dolphin-Herbs doesn’t want people to rely solely upon the natural herbal formulas as a magic bullet to solve all of their ailments overnight. This is why A.D. Dolphin has included so many raw vegan diet recipes to complement the herbal formulas. Although the herbs are a critical part of the detoxification and healing process due to their unique affinities for different types of cells, a total progression of exercise, diet, and avoiding toxins are the bedrock for achieving homeostasis. Providing the cells with compounds that activate enzymes and help cells restore their natural homeostasis helps these cells to rid themselves of the toxic baggage that leads to biological aging.

The problem that many people have suffered when trying homeopathic therapies is that they only noticed subtle results because the formulas are not meant to be toxic and overwhelming. It is only when you take these supplements over time or combine a broad spectrum of therapies to snap your health back into shape that you experience that ah-ha moment. In the same manner that mercury fillings of themselves are not going to damage your health on any objectively measurable scale, the effects of a single herbal therapy ingredient may provide only limited help all on its own.

The book of Daniel that Sir Isaac Newton obsessively studied had predicted that knowledge would increase from people bringing ideas together from their journeys and encounters with others in different cultures. The enlightenment that began the first milestone in proving this prophecy was the printing press of Gutenberg. The printing press was able to consolidate and mass-produce information from diverse cultures in the same manner that Dolphin-Herbs is able to consolidate and mass-produce the broad spectrum of herbal remedies in one formulation from increased knowledge.

The Ingredients of the DHerbs Full Body Cleanse

It is easy to look through the list of ingredients in his herbal supplements and see why they are so popular. Many of the ingredients have a following all by themselves to relieve symptoms when medications fail.

Milk Thistle is one prime example that you can actually feel reducing liver inflammation.

Dandelion Root is a well-known and popular blood and organ detoxification remedy that many people take on a daily basis.

Goldenseal Root is world famous for its detoxification effects and ability to aggressively clear chemicals out of the body without negative side-effects.

Ginger Root is commonly used by homeopathic patients to achieve rapid relief from nausea and other gastrointestinal problems.

Activated Charcoal is the detoxification method of choice for hospitals when someone has overdosed on prescription medications.

Tumeric Root is famous in the homeopathic community for its natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Nettle Leaf is commonly used as a natural method for building up resistance to allergies.

These are a just a few of the most famous herbs included in the special DHerbs formulations. When you are using the right balance of these herbal blends to restore different parts of your body all at once, the results become a lot more noticeable. Seeing results is a motivation to step up the progression towards living the most-healthy lifestyle possible.

The Dedication of DHerbs

Dolphin-Herbs is committed to connecting consumers with the most beneficial formulations of homeopathic medicine without risky toxic elements. The popularity of homeopathic medication has led many to experiment with a variety of herbs that are not always safe. Herbs like Chapparal have been associated with kidney damage and liver failure. Dolphin-Herbs is dedicated to cross-referencing the reliability of ancient medications with modern health studies to ensure broad-spectrum safety in their formulations.

Dherbs makes special formulations for children and has every interest in ensuring that everyone from the frailest to the most-hearty will not suffer adverse reactions. They are also invested in building its reputation to cater to the needs of all people seeking relief from these homeopathic therapies.

Trying the full body detox could only benefit the cells in your body by providing them with the natural components they need to synthesize particular proteins. They activate and stimulate responses in the human body and animals that have been tried and tested since ancient times. In ancient times, you would never experiment with any herbal solution on a dying person unless it had first proven itself safe to consume by feeding it to a bird.

Today, we use similar methods to detect poisonous toxins. Miners famously use canaries to test the quality of air in the mineshaft. The delicate systems of our friends the birds become toxic from many things in our homes today. If you overheat a Teflon pan, this will instantly kill any small birds in your home. It is easy to see how we are being exposed to toxic waste everywhere we turn. Many have benefited from the full body flush and gone on to embrace holistic living.

But it’s always important to do your homework, and sites like TrustPilot have some great information about what real users are finding as they try the Dherbs cleanse for themselves.

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