Highest Amount In Lottery History

The Mega Millions lottery continues to climb after no one won the jackpot Friday night. Soon after the numbers were released Friday and none of the numbers matched, the country learned that the jackpot was at $1.6 billion. The jackpot is estimated to increase again before the drawing on Tuesday night. If no one matches all of the numbers on Tuesday night, then the jackpot will likely soar to $2 billion.

The jackpot is already at the highest amount that it has been since the lottery started in the country. There was a Powerball of $1.5 billion in 2016, but since the Mega Millions is at $1.6 billion, it surpasses the amount by a few million dollars. There are indications that the new jackpot could surpass lotteries that have been won in other countries as well, which is shocking to those who play the game. There are new people getting tickets just so that they can have a chance of winning the large amount.

Only hours before the drawing on Friday night, customers were lined up in stores across the country to get a ticket. Many people chose to have their numbers picked for them, but choosing their own numbers is a fun part of the lottery experience as well. However, no one knows how the numbers are chosen except that they are picked at random by a machine. There is no rhyme or reason as to whether higher or lower numbers will be chosen or if there is a true science for picking lottery numbers. Many people who have purchased tickets have made plans for how they will spend the money if they win. The new jackpot amount is one that is substantial and life-changing. Players should keep in mind that the chances of being struck by lightning are better than winning the lottery, but there’s still a chance to win big.

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