Leaders Laugh at Donald Trump as He Boasts About His Achievements

The US President Donald Trump, arrived about half an hour late to give his speech during a United Nations summit. Trump beat his drum regarding his milestones and achievements at the White House. Donald Trump said that he had achieved more than any president in the history of the US. Many leaders did not hold their laugh. The leaders burst into laughter. Trump did not expect this reaction at all. He commented on this reaction saying that it was “OK”. He clearly did not seem to be ”OK” as he insisted. He seemed offended by the laugh.

Trump has a history of neither forgetting nor forgiving those who laugh at him. He is known to punish those who try to embarrass him so it is not a wonder to see his administration doing some revenge on those who made fun out of his achievements. However, this laugh did not stop him from continuing to give his speech. In his speech, President Trump listed his foes and friends. He termed Kim Jong-un, the North Korean president as his friend. President Trump thanked the chairman of the DPRK for his decision to keep his people and the peninsula safe. Trump also talked about the summit that he held with Kim Jong Un in June and said that it was very fruitful.

In his adversaries list, it was crystal clear that Tehran was his primary enemy. He added that the Iranian government was responsible for the war in Syria. Trump said that Iranian leaders were the cause of loss of innocent lives since they do not respect their neighboring countries at all. Neither the president of Iran nor the country’s officials were in the summit when Donald Trump was delivering his speech. It was clear that Trump wants President Hassan Rouhani to pay him a visit and clear their differences.

Trump said that the US is always in the front line of giving big donations and aid but very few nations returned the favor. He stated that foreign aid would be provided to the nations that respect the US or are genuine friends. The speech of the American president was clearly different from other leaders. Most of the leader’s speeches were composed of the number of treaties signed and the agreements made with other nations. Many leaders, including the French president, were not in agreement with his ideas, especially the one on rejecting globalism.

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