Consumer Focus Ever Present at Manaira Shopping

Manaira Shopping Focuses on Consumers Thanks to Roberto Santiago

There are many philosophies on how a business can be run. As we have seen in the news in recent years, many companies seek to maximize profits with little to no regard as to how their policies affect their consumers. With so many examples of these types of choices being present in the world of business today, it’s important to take time to single out institutions that take the opposite path and truly create their business with their customers in mind. Such is the case with Manaira Shopping, founded by the entrepreneur Roberto Santiago, a vast shopping complex located in the Brazilian state of Paraíba. Read on for a look at the story behind the complex, including its origin, philosophy, and the ways in which accommodates a range of consumer needs.


Continuous growth

Manaira Shopping was first inaugurated in 1989 to much anticipation and local fanfare. In its original incarnation, the complex housed ninety-four stores and encompasses about 12,000 square meters of total area. The initial conception for the space was that it would be a mix of both commercial ventures as well as other features that provided visitors with entertainment, dining options, and more. Located in the Manaira neighborhood in the city of João Pessoa, at its founding it was the only shopping complex of its kind in the immediate area. Since then it has served as one of the major centers for commerce in its region, and as recently as 2008 it was known as the second largest shopping center in the northeast of Brazil.


One of the ways the complex has been able to keep pace with consumer demand is by undertaking consistent renovation projects that have allowed it to expand its offerings and visitor capacity. Major expansions have occurred in 1993, 1997, and 2002, with smaller renovations and additions occurring in other years as well. This focus on increasing the size and capacity of the center has seen its area increase from 12,000 square meters when first built to 92,5000 square meters at present. It has also seen the yearly visitor count increase to almost 20 million people.


Venue space

One of the largest renovations that has taken place in the complex to date has been the creation of Domus Hall. The climate-controlled concert hall is located on the roof of the shopping center and opened its doors in 2009. Construction on the hall itself was run and overseen by the entrepreneur responsible for the complex, Roberto Santiago. In fact, so hands-on was his approach to the creation of the space that he even helped lead crews personally by directly involving himself with construction efforts as they took place.


When completed, the hall represented a premier addition to the complex’s existing entertainment options. The soundproof structure features two levels, a ground floor and a mezzanine, and contains private balconies and bars. The hall has a capacity of over 8,000 people and can play host to a wide range of performances. Past shows have featured domestic and international musical acts, theatrical performances, and film screenings. The space is also used for cultural events such as art exhibitions, fairs, business meetings, college lectures, and more.


Additional offerings

The slogan of the shopping complex, “Always Thinking of You,” neatly encapsulates the approach taken in crafting the many offerings that have been created over the years in the space. Though Domus Hall is perhaps the most impressive enhancement from the perspective of scale, there are many additions that have had the effect of pushing the complex beyond a mere space to purchase consumer goods.


One of the activities for which the mall has become known is its ability to entertain the large groups of people that pass through its doors. State of the art cinema facilities offer a key part of this pursuit, with eleven separate theater screens that offer films in both 2d and 3d viewing. An on-site arcade is another favorite, with a wide range of electronic games to choose from. In addition to screen-based entertainment, the facility also offers a bowling alley to allow adults and families to engage in a group activity together (Wikipedia).


Dining and other options

Of course, one major draw of any commercial space that serves to bring people together is its food. Here again the shopping complex boasts a wide range of options that can appeal to a variety of tastes. The extensive food court on the property serves a variety of different foods hailing from different countries, cultures, and culinary customs. These foods options are intended to allow a group of diners with vastly different preferences to all dine in a central location on foods that each prefers. In addition to the diverse food court, a separate gourmet food area exists on the premises to cater to visitors seeking a more upscale experience.


Beyond dining and entertainment, the shopping center has also added many other features over the years that seek to provide shoppers with the ability to engage in many of their daily activities right in the comfort of the mall. Numerous banking options offer an ability to handle expenses and various household considerations. The complex’s gym is a central meeting place for anyone seeking to improve their level of fitness or health. The shopping center even boasts a college on the property, where students can attend classes, catch up on homework, and meet with professors and other school officials. With each addition to the vast complex, its ability to cater to the needs of visitors increases.


When looking at modern companies across the international business community, it is clear that many ventures are put in place purely for reasons of creating capital for investors. But there are certainly still businesses that are able to maintain a focus on their customers and provided for their needs as they emerge and evolve. As can be seen above, this later philosophy typifies the way in which Manaira Shopping is run. By constantly expanding its operations and adding new options to the diverse array of activities on the property, the complex is able to continuously meet the needs of a growing and ever-changing customer base. A look at the complex’s above efforts shows just what it takes to be consumer-focused in the modern world economy.

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