7 Adorable Celebrity Babies You Can’t Miss Featuring Doe Deere, Christmas Abbott

7 Adorable Celebrity Babies You Can’t Miss Featuring Doe Deere, Christmas Abbott

Celebrities like Doe Deere, Christmas Abbott, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and multiple Kardashians all welcomed new additions in 2018. That’s a lot of high-profile babies!

These little ones burst onto the scene with a lot of fanfare and all eyes on them. Luckily, they have strong families to support them and teach them how to embrace the opportunities celebrity affords.

You just can’t have enough babies in your life, right? Especially cute ones that also happen to be famous. Our addiction to celebrity babies is strong and makes perfect sense. It’s a no drama zone, unless, of course, the baby is yours. 

This is all about that celeb baby eye candy so fully enjoy the beauty without the diaper changes and all-nighters.

1. Doe Deere’s Lorelei Elita

On September 21, 2018, Unicorn Queen Doe Deere welcomed a daughter, Lorelei Elita into the world. With husband, Mark Dumbleton, by her side and with the help of a surrogate, Deere realized her dream of being a mom.

It’s the cherry on top of a successful career full of innovation and blazing trails. From her first major brand, Lime Crime Cosmetics to her newly launched jewelry boutique, Poppy Angeloff, Deere literally creates things out of nothing. 

It’s only fitting that she’s now a mom to little Lorelei. The baby, of course, is perfect. She has only made a few appearances on social media but each is absolutely darling. All of Doe Deere’s followers are excited to get to know the new addition to the family.

2. Christmas Abbott’s Loyal Atticus

Most people know Christmas Abbott because of Big Brother. Now she has welcomed a new member to her own family. The TV personality and fitness influencer gave birth to baby Loyal Atticus on October 8th. Just like Doe Deere, Abbott has a strong supporter in partner, Benjamin Bunn.

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#3weekspostpartum ?” #2weekspostpartum 40” #1weekpostpartum 44” I still can’t believe he fit inside of me! My body change has been huge and fast. I’m not working out, only recovering and I feel like that is slow. I don’t want to push this process. Short term greed isn’t worth long term damage – that can be applied to a lot of things! So I’m allowing my body to heal from the double trauma of labor & a c-section plus my organs being all messed up from my pregnancy, and oh…the hormones. The hormones!!! Our bodies go through way too much to have unrealistic timeline for “bouncing back” to our “before” bodies. There’s some time to give ourselves without the pressure of being pushed even more than we already are by this beautiful process. I may look like I have my old body back but I can tell you I am so far from it, I don’t recognize my own skin. I’ve lost a huge amount of muscle mass, skin tightness, added cellulite, and a shape that just isn’t “mine”. Still, I LOVE Amy body as it is today because three weeks ago it gave me the BEST thing in my entire life, LOYAL. That’s worth the trade a million times over. I will get back to training, when I should and when my body is ready for it. I know I will be excited for it, i want to even now but my body just isn’t there yet. Until then I’m stealing all the snuggles with my lil man I can get with my squishy body and loving all of it!

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My family has a history of strong and unique names, so I wanted to follow suit. I chose his first name, Loyal, because I believe it will guide him to have strong integrity through his life. It’s a reminder that family comes first, which is why it is his first name. I chose his second name, Atticus, from the Greek educator and philosopher to embrace balance and fairness through understanding. Neither is a family name but I hope he will embrace his name as his own and follow the greatness he can bring to this world through love, understanding, and fair action. – Christmas Abbott, Entertainment Tonight

3. Cardi B and Offset’s Kulture Kiari Cephus

Cardi B is owning the game right now. She is part of a power couple with fellow hip-hop heavyweight, Offset of Migos, and has a knack for stepping into drama. That keeps all eyes on her and she works that to her advantage. 

Cardi is always under a lot of scrutiny and the pregnancy announcement only heightened the fever pitch of commentary about the often controversial star.

Even the social media announcement made some waves as it featured a nude maternity photo. Nonetheless, Cardi (born Belcalis Almanzar) welcomed baby Kulture Kiari Cephus. In July of 2018.

Kulture is Cardi’s first baby, while Offset has 3 children from prior relationships. Cardi is proud to be a mother and is fiercely protective of her bundle of joy. Mama Bear for sure!

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I needed a girl like you.🎀KK

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4. Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Chicago Noel West

Kim K and Kanye are also no strangers to controversy and massive public attention. Every pregnancy has garnered incredible media and the birth of Chicago was no different. Chicago is the culmination of one of the most powerful of all celebrity couples.

Like Doe Deere, Kim K welcomed her baby into the family with the help of a surrogate. She expressed that she and Kanye were brimming with love for each other at the time of the birth on January 15, 2018. 

What a way to ring in the new year. The photos of Chicago West are as cute as they come.

5. Tia Mowry’s Cairo

In May of 2018, actress Tia Mowry gave birth to daughter Cairo with support from her loving husband, Cory Hardrict. This baby’s cuteness quickly took the internet over and she remains a huge fan favorite.

The couple is happy to share photos of the growing girl with their following on social media. They treat fans to adorable photo ops between baby and her older brother, Cree and a plethora of outrageously cute outfits modeled by baby. 

There is really nothing like baby fashion to give you the ‘awwwwws.’

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Happy Monday 🙂

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6. Khloé Kardashian’s True Thompson

We all know that every Kardashian baby is a media firestorm but True Thompson was born during quite a tumultuous time for her parents. Khloé expresses endless love for baby True and the family fawns over the infant. The rocky part of the equation is, unfortunately, the relationship between her parents.

On December 2017, the couple posed for a classic black and white photo showing off the infamous baby bump. They revealed that they kept the announcement private for as long as they could so they could savor the moment themselves. The support they received was overwhelming, especially from longtime fans who knew how badly Khloé longed to be a mother.

True was born in April 2018, just after rumors of Tristan Thompson’s cheating were confirmed. The couple is still together and going strong, but opinions continue to fly about the situation.

It’s safe to say we wish them all the best going forward.

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I always knew unicorns existed 🦄

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7. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Louis Arthur Charles

Prince William and Kate Middleton's Louis Arthur Charles

Basically, you can’t talk about celebrity babies in 2018 without mentioning Prince William and Kate Middleton’s youngest, Louis Arthur Charles.

Not only have we saved the best for last, but we’re also showing the ultimate contrast. We started out with the effervescently bright Doe Deere and round out with the essence of classic understated style: Kate Middleton. Interestingly, both moms are fashion icons and now share the bond of new motherhood as well.

Little Louis joined the world on April 23, 2018. He was the largest of the couple’s children, breaking a record at 8 pounds 7 ounces. His official title? His Royal Highness Prince Louis Arther Charles of Cambridge.

How can something so adorable also be so classy!?


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