Some British Politicians Say Brexit Is Prime Minister Theresa May’s Worst Nightmare

British voters want to leave the European Union, but that may be old news. After a couple of years of bickering, setbacks, and stalled talks, Prime Minister Theresa May wants to get cabinet support to keep her Brexit deal on track. The issue holding back her Brexit deal is part of May’s cabinet thinks her deal has the aroma of decaying fish.

But it’s not just the cabinet that’s divided. Many Brits know say they want to stay connected to their European cousins in the European Union even though the U.K. will leave the EU in March if May can bring the wandering cabinet members back in the fold. But that might night happen, according to the British press.
The Brexit talks stalled for four months because there was a dispute about keeping the border open between Northern Island and Ireland, May’s pro-Brexit conservative cabinet members aren’t happy about keeping the border open between the two pieces of Ireland. Those cabinet members say open borders will keep the U.K. tethered to the EU when the departure finally become a reality. If May doesn’t get the support of her cabinet, May could find herself looking for another job, and the Brexit deal could implode.

According to British politician, Nigel Farage, the catalyst for Brexit in the first place, Theresa May’s agreement with the European Union makes little sense. In fact, he calls the deal the worst deal in Britain’s history. Buy May claims the deal she negotiated with the EU is close to the deal the voters wanted. She said Britain will take back control of its borders, and it will protect jobs. Plus, it will give the country more security.

William Hague, Britain’s former foreign secretary, said if the cabinet doesn’t back the May Brexit deal, a new Brexit referendum will take its place. And that would mean a new general election would be in order. Hague made those comments in a BBC interview. If a new vote takes place, it would be a political conflict for the ages according to several British news reports. And it would hurt Britain’s economy. Britain’s economy doesn’t need more bad news, according to the U.K. press. But the press thinks it looks like that may happen unless Theresa May can pull a political rabbit out of her damaged Brexit hat.

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