(Updated 2019) Igor Cornelsen Sheds a Light On Investment Opportunities Throughout Brazil

Igor Cornelsen was born in Curitiba, Brazil. He began studying engineering at the Federal University of Parana, which was a great honor. This was the only place in the area to offer courses in this field. Eventually, his interests switched to economics. Upon graduation, he received employment as an investment banker. He worked hard and earned the highest office at Multibanco. In 1978, this business was acquired by Bank of America. Cornelsen found himself out of a job, so he turned to other employment opportunities. Throughout his career, he used his skills and brought success to a number of firms, including Unibanco and Libra Bank PLC. For more than four decades, he helped to increase the wealth of his clients in Brazil.

The key to Igor’s success was his grasp of the complicated Brazilian stock market. Thanks to his years of work experience at various corporations, he gained great insight about banking and business throughout the country. With his assistance, a multitude of struggling businesses expanded into major international successes. He put his wealth of knowledge to work and started Bainbridge Inv Inc., his own investment firm. Although he is semi-retired, he still enjoys being a part of this business and identifying and tracking investment strategies that help others move in the right financial direction.

What are Cornelsen’s Investment Strategies?

A majority of Cornelsen’s investment strategies revolve around the stock market. He is a long-term investor, which means that he looks to earn profits that last through retirement. His strategies are not meant for immediate gains. Using Cornelsen’s investing methods, a person must change the way that he or she views the stock market.

Instead of trying to earn a fast dollar, Igor feels that it is better to intelligently analyze what will happen in the future and earn a big return at a later time. He explains that many inventors must be able and willing to make smaller transactions. The most common and severe mistake that many people make is hoping for a large return that is based on one stock. By choosing to diversify a portfolio, a person lowers the chances of losing big and raises the opportunity of being successful. However, this only happens over the long haul. Cornelsen advises to invest in businesses that are consistent.His most shrewd tip is to consider purchasing “damaged” stocks. They are inexpensive, so they are affordable to the masses. For the most part, many of the companies that are connected with these types of stocks stabilize or reorganize and eventually turn into solid investments. If a person tries, he or she may be able to obtain a nice profit. However, he urges investors to avoid damaged companies. These entities are usually bad news and will not provide the opportunity to gain financial success from investments. Igor has used this strategy on a personal level and has purchased stocks in countries that were economically unstable. By the time that these countries have turned around, he has gained quite a financial windfall. Since he has spent most of his life in Brazil, Igor advises investors to investigate new markets in this country. However, the market in this part of the world is much different from other areas. This means that it is essential to become familiar with the unique business environment. Also, he urges investors to consider the exchange rate. Choosing favorable Forex rates often bring the highest success.

Cornelsen is a firm believer in the market system. He openly thinks that the government should play a role in creating good conditions that are in the best interest of investors. He explains that a country’s economy grows when investors feel secure. Also, he finds that it is necessary to uncover a way to link lenders and borrowers who do not qualify for conventional loans.

Cornelsen is an advocate for investing in countries with emerging economies. China is a prime example. Igor has followed China’s financial status very closely. It is similar to his native land and is Brazil’s largest trading partner. Since China has a large population, it is possible to enjoy great returns on investment.

Although Cornelsen has enjoyed much success and is considered an investment genius, some of his views are in opposition to other investors. For instance, when Brazil’s government tried to change its economic atmosphere, people in the investing world believed that it was a good time to buy. They thought the changes were established to grow the economy. On the other hand, Cornelsen explained that Brazil was not doing enough to achieve growth. He predicted doom and sold his assets. By 2016, a recession hit. Igor was correct. Also, Cornelsen had a different point of view in the wake of the European sovereign debt crisis. He was sure that the Euro would stay steady. Other investors thought that it would crumble. Eventually, the Euro gained strength, which proved Igor correct again.

What is Behind Cornelsen’s Investment Ideas?

Since Igor has been a part of the finance world from a young age, he has gathered great experience. This has helped him to spark some unique ideas. Also, he has the ability to read market trends early. This gives him an advantage over other investors. Even though Cornelsen has many helpful skills, he is not afraid to research and expand his learning. He is always crunching data and perusing financial websites. Particularly, he gets his information from Reuters. He explains that it is a waste of time using the findings of other analysts, which are often on display on various websites. Reuters is not biased like other sites. It is a helpful and dependable source. Unlike other investment professionals, Cornelsen does not rely on marketers’ opinions. He prefers to rely on facts. Also, he believes that it is imperative to take time and to evaluate all financial details and how they affect markets around the globe. He explains that it is essential to view the world as a whole. Many people mistakenly split it apart. However, one part of the world always influences another.

On a typical day, Cornelsen begins each morning when the European market opens. He reviews the news and studies economics and business all through the day. Specifically, Igor tracks nations that show increasing investment assets or instability. He patiently waits for the best time and jumps when an opportunity comes. He adjusts his portfolio when necessary.

Learn Some Investment Tips from Cornelsen

Igor is always willing to share some helpful tips about investing.

  • How to Avoid Financial Loss. Cornelsen explains that every investment comes with a certain extent of risk. To gain success, it is essential to comprehend the appropriate time to exit. Many times, it is necessary to lose a bit of money before things turn positive. However, if an investor is constantly suffering with financial losses, it may be time to consider a new strategy. After all, investing money is meant to gain more money.
  • Today is the Day. The most vital part of the investment world is time. Start as early as possible. Although it is possible to begin investing after retirement, it makes much more sense to start earlier in life. This allows a person to grow savings and to live a more comfortable life in the future. Also, investing at a younger age makes it easier to recover from losses and to take more risks. Early earnings can be used to reinvest into the future as well.
  • Work with an Investment Consultant. Even though it may sound unproductive to pay someone to help with your investments, it can prove to be a valuable transaction and worth the money. A professional investment consultant has vast knowledge and experience in the investment field. He or she will be able to guide an individual in the right direction and can steer a person away from poor choices. As a novice investor works with a solid adviser, he or she will develop good habits as well. However, it is still necessary to personally follow market trends. Even though an investment manager will provide essential guidance, it is up to a portfolio’s owner to make vital adjustments that keep up with current trends.
  • Diversify Your Portfolio. It is never smart to invest all of your money in one thing. Even if the deal seems amazing, it is not wise to put everything that you have into one investment. There is always a chance that the deal will bust, and the end results will be devastating. It is much better to diversify your portfolio. This will help to create a constant flow of money, even when not everything is experiencing high returns.

Companies To Watch In Brazil

Brazil has been booming with business in the past few years. This is particularly due to the country’s increasing interest in investing in companies that are trying to push the standards of the world. These up-and-coming businessmen in Brazil are slowly becoming the backbone of their modern society, and they are all contributing towards a brighter future for the country that has been plagued with so many economical issues for so many hundreds of years.

The investors that are moving and shaking Brazil ought to pay attention towards which companies present the highest opportunities in terms of investing. Because there are so many new people to this world of investment, however, I believe it is important to compile a list of some of the largest companies in Brazil that would not be a bad idea to start from if you want to enter the stock market. Of course, there is no guarantee of a profit from buying from the following listed businesses, but this is part of the beauty of business; there are no guarantees. That being said, all of the companies that this list will contain are contenders for some of the biggest and fastest-growing companies across Brazil, and they are a great place to start in terms of investments.

Telefonica S.A.

Telefonica S.A., or Telefonica South America, is one of the largest phone providers in the not only the country, but the entire continent (as the name implies). This company is one of the most powerful in the world, let alone Brazil. Within Brazil, Telefonica S.A. has made bounds towards moving their phone services towards the modern standard in first world countries, and they are just about there. The reason for their growth can pretty readily be chalked down to the brilliant companies that have been developing the industry, and Telefonica S.A. is one of these companies.


The business known as Previ has a reputation for being one of the most promising up-and-coming companies in Brazil. The name itself is a marvel of both simple ingenuity and strange, tantalizing complexity. It is a pension fund, which sounds like it would not be interesting to research, but the truth of the matter is that Previ’s board of executives is stuffed with some of the most experienced and well-trained businessmen in the country, and they all contribute towards its economic growth. Previ is one of those companies that refuses to stand in place; they must constantly be growing.

Stitching Gerdau Johannpeter

Stitching Gerdau Johannpeter is one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world. The fact that they have been able to gain such a notable reputation within South America demonstrates the continent’s readiness to progress into every asset of first-world modern life. Because of its significance and power, Brazil has actually become a more meaningful name in terms of exports due to Gerdau Johannpeter.

Countless companies are flooding Brazil’s business market with genius ideas and creativity. It is important as consumers and investors to pay special attention to these companies so they can continue to utilize the tools necessary to create a better world.

Igor Cornelsen Today

Today, Cornelsen balances a majority of his time between Brazil and Florida. After retirement, golf has become one of his biggest hobbies. He still dabbles in the investment market and consults for individuals and companies in the investing and banking industries. By following some of his tips, a person will hopefully have the opportunity to invest well and enjoy great success.  For more on Igor check out his CrunchBase profile: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/igor-cornelsen

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