Taylor Swift Signs Deal With Universal Music Group

In a major change for the artist, pop Taylor Swift has recently announced that she has recently signed a record deal with Universal Music Group (UMG), specifically the sub label associated with the group, Republic Records.

Swift, the pop country sensation who has taken over international music scenes all around within the past 10 years, was also notorious for releasing 6 albums on the Nashville-based label Big Machine Records, her most recent being 2017’s Reputation.

However, after being released from her contract a year after the album came out, it became clear to the artist that there was some change needed. Nobody necessarily knows the exact details of her previous contract with Big Machine Records, but a recent New York Times article on her new contract might highlight a reason why she switched: she didn’t have ownership over the master recordings of her music.

For many artists, having access to their own master recordings can be a huge deal in terms of retaining autonomy with their music, so it makes sense that Swift would eventually switch to a setup that gave her more freedom.

Having just come off the heels of another international tour, the 28-year-old pop star is once again at the cusp of another breakthrough, having not only the time to do so, but also a recording contract that will give her access to more connections and opportunities than ever before. The contract with UMG is a multiyear, multi-album agreement, meaning that there will be many more Taylor Swift albums to come from this contract.

Taylor Swift’s music began as a series of Top 40 hits seemed modest, but in the apst 10 years has transformed into a complete cultural phenomenon. The pop star has critiqued aspects of the music industry, such as her avid dismissal of Spotify’s payment methods for artists, and undoubtedly has a strong influence on the music industry. She would later begin to embrace the platform after Spotify responded to her claims, but that was certainly a turning point in which Swift could enact change within an industry.

There have also been moments in recent years when it was clear her influence went beyond music. For example, recently she urged her followers to vote Democrat in advance of the US Midterms, increasing voter registration dramatically and significantly affecting the numbers.

However Taylor Swift decides to proceed is up to her, but we’re sure that whatever happens next, there will be good music surrounding it!

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