Prominent Corporate Attorney William Barr May Be The Next Attorney General

Jeff Sessions, the recusal thorn in Donald Trump’s side, is back home in Alabama licking his political wounds. Sessions was in Washington for George H. W. Bush funeral, but he didn’t have much to say to Trump. He told the press he thought his days in politics are behind him. He may not run to get his old Senate seat back in 2020, according to several news reports. It seems Mr. Trump did a head number on Sessions, and he’s calling it quits.

Sessions created the mess he found himself in when he recused himself from overseeing the Mueller investigation. Trump thought Jeff would be the attorney general who would stand up and fight for him if people accused his campaign of making a deal with the Russians to win the election. But Sessions was too smart to get caught in that trap. Jeff was a Trump lover during the campaign, and some sources say he was too close to the Trump campaign for his own good.

As the Mueller investigation gained steam and got closer to the truth about Russia, Clinton’s hacked emails, and the Trump Organization’s quest to build a Trump Tower in Russia, Sessions knew he made the right decision to step out of the Russian fiasco. That decision cost him his job. The heat that Mueller applied to several former Trump campaign officials forced Trump to lose his cool and fire Sessions. Mr. Trump temporarily put Matt Whitaker in Sessions old office, but Whitaker allegiance to Trump and his comments about knowing how to put an end to the Mueller investigation before he got the AG job scared a lot of people. Those people want to see what Mueller discovers about Trump and his connections to Russia.

Trump knew he has to replace Whitaker with someone who could pass a confirmation hearing with flying colors. ABC political correspondent and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s had a shot at the job. But according to the Washington Post, William Barr, George H. W. Bush’s attorney general from 1991 to 1993 seems to be Trump’s pick to replace Whitaker. Mr. Barr had several conversations with Trump, and it looks like the president thinks Barr is the man for the job. Trump has to announce his pick for attorney general to make his pick official and that hasn’t happened yet. But one aide said that announcement could come at any time.

Mr. Barr has a good reputation in Washington and both sides of the aisle seem to like what he stands for in terms of not letting politics influence his legal decisions.

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