All On A Snowy Day

As arctic air begins to spill over a large area of the country and the winter season is getting into its coldest and snowiest time, a few pictures that depict the spirit of the season have been released. These images show the history of everything ranging from what people wore in the 1940s to the fun things that families do together in the snow. One image shows a group of women lounging in the sun while sitting on chairs in the snow at an Idaho ski resort. Adults in 1962 are outside throwing snowballs at each other. Although this doesn’t seem any different than what people do today, the people in the picture are nuns.

In 1959, a police officer walks on a snow-covered sidewalk and talks to a group of kids who are playing in the snow. He doesn’t realize that they each hold snowballs in their hands. There are images of children who have been hit by snowballs and have a smile on their face as they realize what has happened. Some children are taken aback by the snowballs that they are hit with, such as a little girl who cringes in a picture from 1954.

The Beatles are seen sledding down a hill together in 1965. There’s also a picture of Tina Turner and a snowman from 1980. Athletes and singers are seen in the pictures that are presented to show that everyone can have fun in the snow and that there was once a time when people came together to enjoy celebrating a snowy day. Some pictures show birthday cakes designed with a snowy theme, and there is one of David Bowie throwing his birthday cake into a pile of snow. Presidents are shown sledding and trying to stand up on icy patches. Parents are shown making snowmen and sledding with their children in pictures that capture a snowy day.

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