Lara Trump Tried To Console Federal Workers With Her Princess Trump Verbal Wand

A partial government shutdown is an insane risk for any government official to take. A government has to help and protect their people in order to keep the trust of the people. That part of the definition of a government. Maybe that’s why Lara Trump got down off her golden-brown champion-grade mare and shared her thoughts with a talk show host. Laura’s not the princess Ivanka is, but some news stories say she’s a diva with princess fever.

Lara is her father-in-law’s campaign advisor. Campaign advisor must be the person that tells Trump to campaign all that time. That gives her a chance to see the world from a Trump point of view. Lara shared the Trump point of view with Carrie Sheffield, the host of BOLD TV. Carrie asked Lara what she would say to the workers that feel economic pain because a member of her family is part of the cause. Carrie gave Lara the perfect opportunity to tell the truth, but instead, she told the workers the shutdown isn’t fair but it’s bigger than one person.”
One news reporter said Lara sounded like a self-absorbed diva who used empty words to reinforce the Trump voter base. There are names for the people that suffer from government neglect. The kind of governments that become so combative the only solution is a Trump cocktail with an economic, social, and moral demoralizing chaser while they work with no pay.

Lara and Eric Trump believe his dad will ease the pain and suffering he created. Pain and suffering are the proven weapons of choice in Trump’s world, according to the farmers who lose a lucrative foreign contract because of his agenda. Don Sr. learn that method from New York mobster John Gotti himself. Rudy Giuliani was in New York during those years. That’s why Rudy came running when Trump knew his Russian game of political upheaval began to unfold.

Lara said the shutdown is unfair, but every person will take comfort in the fact that their great-great-grandchildren can enjoy what’s left of United States. It almost sounded like Lara would reach into that Hermes clutch and start sending coin to her flock of suffering innocence. But instead of helping pay rent and mortgage bills, as well as all those other bills that keep people afloat when they don’t work she just said, “I know it’s hard.” And then Lara went into her canned speech about how great a guy Trump is when he’s not pouting.

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