Chris Christie Thinks He’d Be A Better President Than Trump

Chris Christie, the controversial former governor of New Jersey, is happy with his new book, Let Me Finish. Christie likes the press attention, and he always has something to say about Trump, as well as his future plans to run for president again.

Mr. Christie didn’t mince words when he told the world Jared Kushner had a serious ax to grind with him. When Christie was a prosecutor, he sent Jared’s dad Charles to the slammer for being a low-life rule-breaker. Jared continues to hold a grudge, according to Christie. In his book, Chris said Kushner told Trump not to appoint him attorney general after Trump sent Jeff Sessions back to Alabama. But even before Kushner blackballed Christie in Washington, he got rid of Christie after Trump won the election.

Kushner still throws Christie under the political bus every chance he gets, according to the ex-New Jersey governor. But Trump and Chris are still tight. They still talk from time-to-time, but Trump said he’s not loving what Chris has to say these days. Trump’s latest press comments sound like the two buds are not as close as they were before Christie’s book hit the media.

Mr. Christie was a Republican star when he won the New Jersey governor’s race. New Jersey loved Chris until he pulled a few underhanded political tactics, and made some imbecilic decisions. Some New Jerseyites can’t get the picture of Christie sunbathing in a closed New Jersey park after he closed the park to the public. That front page shot of Christie in shorts and a T-shirt put a big target on his back in New Jersey.

But Chris knows how to play the political game. He knows how to hide his mistakes and profit from his friendship with Donald Trump. Christie told Trump he wouldn’t run against him in 2020, but Christie thinks 2024 could be his time to shine in Washington. He thinks he’ll be a better president than Trump. He also believes Trump won’t have any Republican challengers in 2020 even though Bill Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts, might want to go head-to-head with Trump. If Weld gets a decent response from voters when he visits New Hampshire at the end of February, he might challenge the Trumpster.

Trump’s friendship gave Christie the opportunity to reinvent himself as a political analyst. Being part of the ABC News family earns some of his credibility back. But in New Jersey, Christie is still a political deadbeat who caters to the political underworld.

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