Creating Sustainable Energy Solutions with Agera Energy

We all need power. This is a fundamental truth in 2019. Whether you are charging up your electric car, refrigerating your food, or powering up your laptop while you read stellar articles, energy drives every aspect of modern life. For the consumer, this fact can be overlooked. But for those responsible for supplying the energy that we all live and thrive on, this truth is constantly evident.

Dealing with the above-mentioned constant in the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly way is the challenge for those responsible for the power bill. After all, depletable energy sources that take a toll on the environment, while at sometimes necessary, are not a viable long-term solution to our ever-growing energy demands. Finding utility companies that carefully balance consumer rates with environmental stewardship can be difficult. But it does not have to be. One such utility company that is making these decisions a whole lot easier for consumers and retail suppliers alike is Agera Energy.

The Agera Energy Ethos

Helping customers manage their energy expenses is what Agera Energy is all about. To this end, Agera uses a range of methods to bring about that result. Offering energy products and solutions, including environmentally-friendly products and solutions, to consumers is the primary way Agera is making waves in the industry and impacting household energy bills. This entails expanding the options available to retail suppliers and consumers when it comes to how they power their districts or homes. But it also involves bringing a level of transparency to the utility industry that has historically been lacking. This holistic approach to creating smarter energy purchases is bringing positive change to the company’s customers, employees, and the communities in which it serves.


Agera Energy’s ‘Pure Wind’ Promotes Clean Energy Usage

Take Agera Energy’s Pure Wind product for example. Pure Wind allows customers to supplement their current power sources with wind power. Specifically, customers who use Pure Wind can match their household or retail energy usage with Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs. 50% to 100% of their current usage can be matched with nationally sourced wind farms with Pure Wind.

Renewable Energy Certificates are created when a wind turbine produces a megawatt hour or MWh of electricity. The megawatt hour of electricity that is produced can then be sold separately from the REC in which it created. This separation promotes markets in which consumers and investors can contribute to a sustainable tomorrow.

1,000-kilowatt hours are in 1-megawatt hours for those doing the math. To give a point of reference, a household that uses 10,000 kWh of electricity a year typically creates 15,494 lbs. of CO2. By switching part of a household’s use to wind power, home and business owners greatly reduce this footprint.

When sourcing RECs for Pure Wind, Agera Energy only uses audited verified wind farms across the United States. This ensures the quality of their RECs, leaving no doubt in customer’s minds about the authenticity of their green efforts. And what is better yet is the pricing of Pure Wind. Often times the price of Pure Wind is only slightly higher per kilowatt hour than their previous utility company.

Agera Energy’s Early Beginnings

In 2014, the founders of Agera Energy saw a gap in the renewable energy sector. Eager to provide consumers with more electric and natural gas options, Agera Energy started their endeavor by buying up an existing large national retail energy supplier. Entering the market in this fashion allowed the company to redefine what value a utility brought to the consumer. Rather than a multi-faceted marketing and sales campaign, Agera Energy business strategy consisted of training their representatives to guide consumers through the decision-making process increasing transparency greatly.

Agera Energy is now serving 1.8 million contracted RCEs (customers) by helping them make informed decisions and expanding their electrical and natural gas options. This is not to mention their efficiency consulting services that save homeowners and retail customers money on their bottom line. They also help to enrich the lives of the people in the communities they serve through Agera Cares initiative. For more information on this initiative, or to speak with a representative about signing up for Agera Energy’s services visit them at

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