Desiree Perez Attends Private Roc Nation Dinner Hosted by Jay-Z

If you are like most people, you picture your favorite TV and movie stars when you think of the entertainment industry, or your favorite musicians and bands might come to the front of your mind.


These talented individuals play a major role in the massive success of the modern entertainment industry. Although the stars are the ones in the spotlight, many people exist behind the curtains and make it all possible. Without their help and ongoing support, many performers would have never made it to the spotlight.


One of the most influential people in the world of entertainment is Desiree Perez, the chief operating officer for Roc Nation. Roc Nation is a company that represents talented performers and connects them with recording companies and other public entities.



Jay-Z Celebrates With Desiree Perez


If Jay-Z is honest, he will tell you that Desiree Perez is his secret weapon. The world-famous rapper has worked with Perez for more than two decades, and Perez is responsible for much of his success over the years. The hard work and skill of Perez not only helped Jay-Z make the most of his music career, but it also allowed him to become a successful business mogul.


To celebrate the success he has achieved and to thank the people who made it possible, Jay-Z hosted a dinner at Fresco by Scotto in New York City, an upscale restaurant known for its high-quality food and unmatched service. Jay-Z invited some of Roc Nation’s most influential leadership figures, including Perez. Jay-Z brought his group to a private room in the restaurant to escape from the endless stream of attention from his adoring fans.



A Glance at What Perez Does


We are now going to take a rare peek behind the scenes to see what Perez does for Jay-Z and other performers. This peek gives you an increased appreciation for the hard work that Perez does and how she helps talented individuals reach even higher levels of success. In simple terms, Perez manages talented people and connects them with the opportunities they need to reach their full potential. She markets their campaigns so that they can get as many sales as possible when selling albums or event tickets.


As the COO of Roc Nation, she fills a vital leadership role and makes essential decisions to which the company owes its success and long-term profitability. The choices she has made allowed the company to grow into one of the most noteworthy agencies in the entertainment world, and some of the planet’s top talent recognize her insight and vision.


Perez has a big heart and a strong desire to empower people to share their abilities with the world, and her efforts and dedication have shaped the music and entertainment industries in more ways than most people will ever know.



Managing Tour Campaigns


Most people never think about the work and skill that go into managing an artist’s tour campaign, but Perez has more experience than almost anyone in this area. An artist can’t just plan a tour and decide the venues at which to perform.


Instead, tour managers must connect with various venues and sign contracts to get the tour off the ground. Not only does Perez negotiate contracts with different venues and arenas, but she also handles the marketing campaigns to ensure that people buy tickets for the show. Without the effort and commitment of Perez, many tour campaigns would fail before they even have the chance to get started.



Marketing Upcoming Albums


Marketing upcoming albums is another task that Perez does for Roc Nation and its clients. When an artist wants to plan and release a new album, they have to follow a proven process to get the project moving along the correct path. Not only must they let the right audience know about the album, but they must also build enough hype to generate attention. Perez uses her knowledge to ensure each new release is as successful as possible, and her clients are pleased with the results she achieves.



Negotiating Deals


When it comes to creating albums and releasing merchandise, artists must work out deals with recording companies to reach their goals. Some recording companies have a bad habit of trying to get as much from artists as they can while giving them little in return, and not everyone knows how to handle the situation.


Perez negotiates deals for artists so that they can get the best possible outcome, making sure recording companies don’t take advantage of them. Because of Perez and the knowledge that she brings to the table, the artists she represents get favorable deals and the payouts they desire. Perez is proud of the work she does and smiles when she helps an artist reach new levels of success.



Staying Out of Sight


If you have never heard of Desiree Perez, it’s for a good reason; Perez prefers to stay out of the spotlight. She works hard to help artists and other performers get the attention they want and deserve, but she would never want to live in the public eye. She is happy to work hard from behind the scenes and let her clients achieve their dreams. Most entertainment and music fans will never hear of Perez and all the work she does each day, and that is the way she wants it to stay.



Anytime you buy an album, go to a live event or buy merchandise from your favorite performers, you are looking at the work of Desiree Perez and Roc Nation. Most performers don’t have time to promote their albums or manage their marketing campaigns, which is why they need Perez to have their back and do it for them.


She uses her skill set to negotiate deals, sign contracts and let performers connect with their audiences in ways they never expected. Many of your favorite stars owe their success to Perez and Roc Nation, but she does not want to take credit for what she has achieved for her clients.

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