Ivanka Throws Hot Socialist Water On The Green New Deal

In a recent Fox News Interview, Ivanka Trump said she wants to carry on the businesses her grandfather and father started. She is well on her way, according to New York Federal prosecutors. Ivanka and brothers, Don Jr. and Eric are under investigation for a con job her father created. The Trump kids allegedly helped con people with a communication device Mr. Trump developed with help. The device didn’t work the way Trump and his ducklings said it would. But the Trump’s pocketed millions on that scam. And the people they conned got nothing.

Ivanka has a lot to say when she’s in front of the camera. She has an Upper East side entitlement-type attitude while she tries to make every word have the same verbal inflections as her mentor in crime. Some news reports say the political bug bit Ivanka and she’s got a jealous thing going up with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Cortez is in the news more than Ivanka, and that puts her in one of those Trump moods that frighten people.

The only thing Ivanka managed to do so far as a special advisor to the president was to work a deal with the Chinese to give a bag full of trademarks she can personally use in China. She didn’t author a Congressional bill, but some critics say she’ll ask dad to fix it where she can.

Now that Jared took over when John Kelly left, Ivanka has more time to make a fool of herself. Jared’s not officially the chief of staff, but he’s busy trying to act James Bond around the White House. That gives Ivanka more time to throw her opinion around, like it matters.

Steve Hilton asked Ivanka about the provision in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal bill that guarantees jobs for all Americans.

Ivanka didn’t hesitate when she said no right-thinking person would want the government to give them a job. They want to work their way up the corrupt capitalistic system even though she didn’t. The people want upward mobility, according to Ivanka.

Obviously, Ivanka got the questions before the interview started. She never said the word socialism, but like her father, she danced around the word until she used the term “upward mobility.” Her interpretation of that provision in the Green New Deal was all about socialism according to Hilton.

A Washington Post article pointed out that Trump wants to paint the Democrats as socialists. The Venezuela kind of socialism. Some reports say that’s why Trump got involved after years of abuse by a socialist crook.

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