Michigan’s Dan Kildee Supports President Trump’s Tightened Negotiations with China

Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee said on Sunday that his state is experiencing the greatest economic effect as a result of China’s unfair trade practices that are threatening the US economy. Kildee said in an interview that China’s practices of producing cheap products and dumping them on global markets significantly undermine the state and the US’ ability to achieve a boom in manufacturing jobs.

Kildee also accused China of producing cheap steel and aluminum products, something that generally undermines Michigan companies’ ability to compete favorably. He added that the US should tighten the noose even as negotiations between its officials and their Chinese counterparts continue.

The concerned congressmen, however, called for an expedited negotiation process that will see the country develop a fair trade agreement with China. He referred to such an anticipated agreement between US and China a prospected platform that would ensure a leveled and even playing field in terms of trade and economy.

This comes even as President Trump is set to meet with his Chinese counterpart soon after the negotiations between the two countries are over. White House said in a statement that a fair trade agreement is anticipated before the March 1st deadline. The prospected agreement, if not reached, would see the two countries tighten a standoff that has been existing since last year. President Trump and his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jinping, agreed during the G20 summit in Argentina last year to embark on a 90-day trade realignment talks that would ensure fair trade between the two countries.

Their commitments have not been progressive so far although negotiations are still underway.

This comes at a time when China’s economy is experiencing tremendous challenges following a major slump in auto sales by up to 6% last year. Trade wars between the US and China are to blame for the automotive sales drop in China. The US automotive industry that is primarily driven by Michigan has also taken a major blow this year in terms of sales despite a growth in automobile jobs in the last 5 years. Once the talks are over and the trading platform between the 2 countries is made more even, Michigan is anticipated to experience a positive growth in its auto industry.

Kildee expressed his support for President Trump’s decision to push back against China and its unfair economic practices against the US. He maintained that the US labor force would suffer a major blow in the event that China is not appropriately tamed by the US.

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