The Mueller Team Has The Proof. Roger Stone Had Contact With WikiLeaks During The 2016 Campaign.

Roger Stone likes to stir the political pot. Some people think Stone is a weirdo who tries his best to whip up conspiracy theories just to keep his name in the news. But Stone isn’t a just a typical weirdo. He’s one of Trump’s weird friends. Stone and Trump believe the same things. Both men think immigrants are a danger to their version of democracy.

Roger wanted to help Trump win the 2016 election. Both men knew Hillary Clinton had the advantage. But the Trump organization knew Putin wanted to bring Clinton down for enforcing sanctions against Russia. The Trump Organization thought Roger could work behind the scenes and find out what the Russians had up their election interference sleeves. According to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, Stone made contact with the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, so he could find out when damaging Hillary Clinton information would come to the surface.

Mr. Stone denied any interaction with WikiLeaks. After the Mueller team sat down with Stone, he claimed the investigation was a witch hunt so he could stay on Trump’s good side. But all the shade Stone threw at Mueller didn’t matter when Mr. Stone got a taste of Mueller’s justice. Stone paid bail after the feds raided his home, and he went to jail in handcuffs in January. When he stood in front of the public after his arrest, he gave the Nixon victory sign, and he claimed his innocence.

But now that the Mueller team has proof he lied to federal prosecutors and he obstructed justice, Stone can’t go into his normal witch hunt mode to contradict Mueller’s proof. The judge put a gag order in place so Stone would keep his mouth shut during court proceedings. If the jury says he’s guilty, Stone will join the other five Trump campaign officials in jail.

Mr. Trump said Roger is a great guy and a good friend. Trump claims Stone didn’t work on his campaign, but that statement is only true in Mr. Trump’s world. Stone and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi allegedly worked together to find out when WikiLeaks would publish dirt on Clinton. When Stone got what he wanted from WikiLeaks, he gave that information to Trump campaign officials. Mr. Trump used that information during one of his campaign rallies when he asked Russia to release the missing Clinton emails. The day after Trump made that request, the missing Clinton emails suddenly appeared.

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