Trump Claims He’s Still Working While He Stubbles Around the White House During His “Executive Time”

President Trump makes no excuses for being the hardest working president in history. Mr. Trump claims his economic decisions and his decision to shut down the government make America great again. So the Trumpster doesn’t believe he needs to put in a solid eight hours every day to run the country like a fine-tuned economic and financial machine.

The president developed his own White House work schedule. Last week, Trump spent 50 percent of his time working and the other 50 percent was “executive time.” No one is sure what executive time means. But according to Axios, there’s a lot of TV watching, newspaper reading, personal phone calls, and McDonald’s breaks going on during that presidential time.

After all, Mr. Trump is still in charge of the Trump Organization and there’s trouble brewing in that part of Trump’s world. Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr. depend on daddy to run their scams, so it’s only natural Mr. Trump would pay attention to his crumbling empire during his executive time, according to his critics. Plus, he’s probably on the phone recruiting attorneys to represent his kids as Congress and the New York Feds begins to uncover all the tricks and fabrications that are an essential part of the Trump Organization.

Some voters say Trump’s lackluster work schedule is a good thing. If he did focus on the challenges that face the nation 100 percent of the time, more incompetent Trump decisions would make those matters worse. Thanks to his shorter work routine, Mr. Trump managed to shut the government down, raise taxes on the middle class, abuse immigrants, put tariffs on American allies, and start a trade war with China. And he also managed to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord and a nuclear treaty with Russia.

Trump wants to find the leaker who gave the world a realistic view of his work ethic. The leaker spent hours digging into Trump’s daily habits, and that task is award-worthy, according to the Democrats.

Mr. Trump is right when he says he works harder than any other president. Other presidents put their businesses in a trust when they went to Washington. Trump decided to buck that trend so he could still do personal business in the White House. Trump may call that executive time, but in reality, it’s all about Trump making as much money as he can before his voter base wakes up.

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