Agera Energy and the Pure Wind Plan

You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
Jane Goodall

Since the 1960’s, there has been a growing awareness of the impacts we as Americans have on our environment. In 1968, the Apollo 8 mission transmitted the very first photos of our earth from a outside perspective. Seeing our glimmering oceans, diverse land-masses and our elaborate weather patterns from a far gave way to the feeling that the Earth’s environment was more fragile and precious than previously understood by Americans.

In 1969, the public eye turned to two distinct environmental disasters that would eventually shape environmental law and policy as we know it. The first was a 200,000-gallon oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara. The spill was a result of an oil platform explosion which eventually caused an 80-mile-long oil slick. The second event that gained national coverage was a River fire outside of Cleveland, Ohio. That’s right, river fire. As in the Cuyahoga River itself caught fire due to chemical contamination.

As televisions began to move into every home, these environmental disasters were nationally televised and became difficult to turn away from the effects of industrialization. As a result, the National Environmental Protection Act or NEPA was signed into law by none other than Richard Nixon in 1970. NEPA was just the beginning for environmental justice in the U.S. and ushered in other such environmental laws as the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and the Endangered Species Act.

While these laws have drastically changed the way that business and individuals operate in the U.S., many believe that future developments in cleaner energy will depend on the private sector. Environmental laws and regulations tend to focus on prior behavior but fail to provide cleaner alternatives for conscious consumers. And that is where private industry has stepped in.

Deregulation in the Energy Supply Sector

Agera Energy now offers a Pure Wind product that allows energy users to supply their homes or businesses with clean Green-e certified Renewable Energy Credits. Pure Wind REC’s are sourced nationally from wind farms across America, finally giving Agera Energy customers the option to proactively manage their home or businesses environmental foot print.

If you are interested in Agera Energy’s Pure Wind plan, you can check out Agera’s website at or you can read more about it below. The reason it is mentioned here is to demonstrate the options that folks in deregulated states now have regarding their energy suppliers. Such a pain-free, cost effective means of protecting the earth we inhabit is what environmentalist have been calling for, for years, decades, and centuries.

Product’s like Agera Energy’s Pure Wind not only give a blue print of how we as a society can move away from resource intensive energy consumption to better, smarter, and greener energy use. Beyond giving such a detailed blue print of how such change can be brought about, Agera Energy is bringing about such change.

The story of Agera Energy and other Retail Energy Supplier’s begins with deregulation in the seventies. And once again we see governmental entities failing to provide energy consumers with the options they want. This was the frustration that was being felt in states across America during the oil and gas shortage of the seventies. Legislators recognized the short-comings of public local utilities and decided to deregulate the natural gas sector.

When the natural gas sector was deregulated in the seventies, the federal government gave states the option to introduce private retail energy suppliers to their natural gas markets. Not all states jumped on board, but the ones that did saw private companies filling the roles of the traditional local utilities. The federal government similarly deregulated the electricity markets later in the nineties.

Now the results of deregulations did immediately open up the utility markets to retail energy suppliers but competing against the state-owned utility monopoly proved to be a bigger challenge than most expected. But alas, this story is one with a happy ending as is evident by some of the new products from intuitive retail energy suppliers. Pure Wind is just such a product and is once again changing how we power our homes and business.

Kerry Cassidy, Channel Manager at Agera Energy commented, “My primary responsibility is helping customers understand and manage their energy expenses by analyzing their cost and providing the best solutions.” And there are now quite a few solutions to choose from with Agera. But afterall, that was the purpose of deregulation and Agera Energy is dutifully creating such solutions for their customers.

“Agera has the ability to customize our products and pricing so that they are tailored specific to a customers user profile. Some customers require different billing options, and we have the ability to accommodate these needs, when we bill them directly for their energy supply. But what does that look like from a customer of Agera Energy perspective? Read on!

Lenny Sarrero, owner of Weschester Workout is a customer of Agera Energy, here is what he has to say about the retail energy supplier, “The main reason why I signed up Agera, was mainly, everyone uses electric and gas so why not go with the best prices.” That’s right, did we mention that Agera Energy’s pricing is not just competitive but can sometimes undercut the cost of your local energy supplier. And this matter’s greatly to business owner’s because if it does not make dollars it won’t make sense.

Luis Mercado, Quality Executive Limousine out of the Bronx, New York commented on these savings, “Savings have been very good, and I have been able to allocate that money in different areas of my business.

Office buildings and units also can benefit from Agera Energy’s flexibility. Mark Seiden, President and Broker of Mark Seiden Realty spoke to this saying, “With Agera it was so easy, I literally just filled out the forms, sent them to Kerry, and the next thing that I knew I was getting two bills and when I added them together, it was much less than I was paying for.” Mark stated, “When a business owner looks to cut cost, it is not as simple as we thought it was going to be. We have to call customer service, and there is downloading and so on and so forth. With Agera it was incredibly easy and much less than I was paying before.

Also surprised at the ease of using Agera Energy, Mr. Mercado said, “While listening to a Yankees game, I heard [Agera Energy’s] ad and placed a call. I was very happy with their customer service. That is when I signed up for electricity and natural gas.” The customer experience with Agera Energy is worlds apart from dealing with your local utility company. Agera Energy clients are often surprised at how helpful their customer service is and comprehensive the company’s offerings are.

“When a customer asks us to supply them with a quote for their energy supply, we keep the process simple, transparent, and easy to understand.” Says Kerry Cassidy. If this sounds rudimentary, it is. But for some reason such ease and transparency has been severely lacking in many states and municipalities energy utility markets.

If you are attached to your local utility provider, that’s okay to. They are still the ones delivering the energy that you buy from Agera Energy to your home and business. This has two benefits that Agera Energy customers always seem to get excited about. One, there is not changes to your house or business energy hardware. This means the change to your energy supply is out of sight and out of mind, making for seamless transitions. This also means that at the end of each month, you do not have to receive a separate bill from Agera. Instead, only a few line items can be added to your already existing monthly energy bill. “Another reason I signed up with Agera was that everything comes on one [local utility] bill, nothing has changed, it is simple to read and it’s easy to understand.” Said Mr. Sarrero.

“Utility bills are often complicated for customers. Our utility recovery program offers a complimentary service which reviews a customer’s energy bills and ensures that they are being billed correctly by their local utility company.” Says Ms. Cassidy.

So technically speaking, it may be hard to pin down what exactly Agera Energy is. Not quite producers of the energy they sell and not quite the local utility that will provide and deliver this energy, Agera Energy is a third-party natural gas and electricity supplier. “We are currently active in 16 states with deregulated markets. This includes 31 natural gas utilities and 60 electric utilities.” Says Ms. Cassidy, “We have extensive experience in the wholesale commodity market which gives us an advantage in the highly competitive market place.”

Lenny Sarrero pointed out, “One of the reason’s I chose Agera was because that they are a local company, but they are also nationwide. It is so simple. They took my CONED bill, and they did everything for me. They held my hand through the whole situation… My overall customer experience with Agera Energy has been fantastic, they are eextremely knowledgeable, I haven’t had any issues and I recommend them highly.”

Mr. Mercado added, “It has exceeded what I expected. They are very professional, they really know the business, and excellent customer service… When dealing with Agera, I was treated with the same high standards of quality and care that I treat my customers with. They were so eager to help me with the energy expenses for my business that I decided to join the Agera team too.”

“One of the best things about working at Agera, is that we are not only an energy supplier, but we supply the community with our energy, through our AgeraCares Community Outreach program. Most recently we donated our time, food, and clothing and over $15,000 to Holy Apostle Soup Kitchen in New York City. Agera Energy customer, Mr. Sarrero commented on Agera’s track record of giving back to the communities they serve. “What I like about working with Agera is the fact that they work with the community. I like that because I would like to get involved with the community myself.”

Agera Energy and You

Agera Energy encourages you to find out if your state is one that has deregulated their utility markets. If so, do yourself a favor (and potentially a favor to your pocket book) and see what Agera Energy can do for your business or home. Kerry Cassidy says, “Agera Energy wants to be your energy partner and provide you with the most competitive solutions, long-term. We will continue to strive day in and day out, to do our part to help you manage your expenses by providing reliable energy solutions for your business.”

So, with praise from Agera Customers like Mr. Seidan saying “I would say recommending [Agera Energy] to someone else because basically it is overall simplicity and your expenses go down. It’s the best that any business owner could ask for,” it is hard to overlook what Agera is doing for the industry at large and their customers on a one-on-one basis. Oh, and did we mention Agera also has full-service efficiency and audit services?


On the same phone call to Agera that one could make to price out energy alternatives available to their home or business, they could also find out how to make that space more energy efficient. Take LED’s for example. According to the Department of Energy:

In 2012, about 49 million LEDs were installed in the U.S. — saving about $675 million in annual energy costs. Switching entirely to LED lights over the next two decades could save the U.S. $250 billion in energy costs, reduce electricity consumption for lighting by nearly 50 percent and avoid 1,800 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

This small change in the lightbulbs we use is having a huge impact on the environment. If you are not sure whether you are riding the LED wave to cleaner air and cheaper monthly bills, the professionals at Agera are ready to help you get the facts and perhaps more efficient lighting. What is better yet, is lightbulb users in many states have rebates for swapping out your old incandescents. Knowing which states are offering which rebates when can be tricky business, that is why above being a one-stop-shop for energy supplies, efficiency and audit services, Agera Energy can also potentially help you take advantage of your states allocated energy savings. Talk about thorough!

“Many customers choose to retrofit their facilities with LEDs. LEDs improve lighting quality and help reduce energy consumption often reducing operating costs. One of the biggest incentives for customers to get started is that depending on your state, there may be rebates available to help offset the cost of LED installation.” Commented Kerry Cassidy. For the quickest way to find out if your state offers such rebates call Agera at 844.692.4372.

Agera Energy and the Environment

We have seen how Agera Energy is helping business of all sizes in all industries make light of their energy needs, how to reduce these needs, and how to supply these businesses with energy from sources other than your local utility. But the focus of this piece really is really about how all of Agera Energy intuitive business offerings have resulted in better energy supplies which have been called on by American environmentalist since the sixties.

It is easy to say that one is a champion of the environment, friend of mother nature, or defender of the trees. It is harder to live these titles when almost every aspect of modern living depends on energy use and consumption. Until now. “Our primary focus is helping customers manage their energy expenses. We offer a number of products and solutions including those which are environmentally friendly.” Agera’s Pure Wind product, for example, is doing just this. “Part of our mission is to help out customers employees and even the communities around us make positive changes.” Positive changes such as speaking for the trees while powering your laptop, cellphone, and e-watch at the same time. Afterall, for environmentalist, walking the walk is just as important as talking the talk.

“One of the ways we do this is offering green products and eco-friendly energy management solutions. Pure Wind is Agera’s newest green energy product it allows customers to match either 50% or 100% of their energy usage with Green-E certified RECS,” Says Kerry Cassidy, “Agera’s Recs are sourced from audited and verifiable wind farms across the United States.” This extra level of certification and verification allows customers to “take comfort knowing the proper actions are being taken with the REC’s they purchase from us.” Commented Ms. Cassidy.

It is clear that this piece of mind resonates through the Agera customer experience. To gain such a piece of mind about your energy supply needs contact Agera today.






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