A Look At Crave Beauty Academy

A Look At Crave Beauty Academy

Crave Beauty Academy is a cosmetology school located in Kansas and Missouri. The Academy has several programs; including cosmetology, esthetics, and nail technology. Crave Beauty Academy strives to help students become successful beauty professionals.

The Importance Of Crave

The owner of Crave Beauty Academy is Kim McIntosh. McIntosh says that she wants the beauty school to have a family atmosphere. She says that teamwork, education, hard work, and fun are several components that have helped Crave develop a reputation as one of the best beauty schools in The United States. Each letter in Crave has a special meaning. The C stands for creating a successful culture where students will work hard and have fun. The R stands for establishing relationships built on kindness and respect. A stands for achievement. Crave Beauty Academy wants their students to go achieve great things. V stands for values. Crave Beauty Academy promotes values such as balance, community, integrity, diversity, and empowerment. E stands for education. Crave Beauty Academy constantly updates their curriculum so that their students are prepared to meet the evolving demands in the industry.

Featured Programs

Cosmetology – The cosmetology program at Crave Beauty Academy allows students to learn about hair cutting, hair design, texturing, and makeup. The cosmetology program is divided into four important parts: experience, core training, create, and salon life. Cosmetology students also have the opportunity to style hair from American Crew. American Crew also gives students access to different tools and techniques. The online tool Pivot Point allows students to gain important insight into the beauty industry, as well as the knowledge to manage their finances.

Nail Technology – The nail technology program at Crave Beauty Academy covers multiple topics related to skin care and treatment. Some of the topics covered in the program include natural nail health and beauty, spa manicures and pedicures, advanced filling techniques, nail enhancement and creative nail artistry. The topics discussed in the program will help students develop their personal style as they grow in the industry. The nail technology program is split into a core training portion and an advanced technique portion. The program is also into two separate locations: Kansas and Missouri. Crave partners with Creative Nails Design to give students access to the newest techniques. The student salon and spa gives students experience working with real clients.

Esthetics – The esthetics program at Crave Beauty Academy offers students training on different aspects of the industry. Students will learn about skin anatomy, facial treatments, hair removal systems and chemical exfoliation. Students will also receive training on business topics such as retail and sales. Crave Beauty Academy has partnerships with The Pacific Institute, Makeup For Ever, and MAC Cosmetics.


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