Jared Kushner Went Back To Saudi Arabia On Some Kind Of Secret Mission

Jared Kushner is the 38-year-old real estate wonder boy who married Princess Ivanka. Some New York City real estate developers call Jared a wonder because they wonder how Kushner got a high-level security clearance.

The answer is Trump gave him one so Jared could use his connections in the Middle East to stop the fighting in that part of the world. The other reason Trump intervened in Kushner’s clearance was to make his daughter Ivanka, happy.

Ivanka didn’t pass the security clearance test either. But Trump pushed the right buttons, and she got one. Ivanka gets to read all the top secrets, and then she tells her dad what she thinks he should do with them. Trump made sure Jared and Ivanka had the top security clearance so he had two people he could trust near him. He knew they would stand by his side through thick and thin.

Jared has a history of making friends with foreign dignitaries. He is on a first-name basis with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and he has a good relationship with Israel. Jared had several personal conversations with the prince when the Saudi’s committed that unthinkable Jamal Khashoggi act.

Congress thinks Jared’s security clearance isn’t valid because of his questionable relationships with foreign powerbrokers. According to The Independent, Kushner is back in Saudi Arabia and no one knows why. Mr. Kushner didn’t follow the normal channels that U.S. officials follow when they meet foreign dignitaries.

Some reports say Kushner was in Saudi Arabia to throw a few drinks back with the crown prince. And other reports say Kushner went into peacemaker mode. A recent Independent article said Kushner took another shot at solving the Israeli-Palestinian debacle with Saudi King Salman. Kushner thinks the Saudi’s can help bring peace to the Middle East. And that thought process has U.S. intelligence and security officials worried. Intelligence officials say Kushner undermines their authority by making rogue deals.

Mr. Trump likes it when Kushner goes it alone. Kushner is able to dangle Trump carrots in front of international dignitaries without explaining his plan to anyone but Kushner and Ivanka. Several intelligence officials think Kushner talks about other things like business ventures when he’s alone with foreign agents. There’s no proof that he does that. But some U.S. officials think Trump uses his position to make business deals with foreign governments.

It seems Trump’s family speaks for the U.S. government not the institution s within the government, according to Naveed Jamali, a former double agent, and U.S. intelligence officer. And that thought scares the Democrats.

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