Spooner Farms Continues Its Tradition Of Providing Better Berries

Spooner Farms Continues Its Tradition Of Providing Better Berries

Ken Spooner incorporated his family berry farm operation in 1986 after generations of private enterprise. Ken M. Spooner Farms became a Pierce County regional resource for jobs, food, family recreation, and tax revenue in Washington state. The founding Spooner died in 1999, leaving the operation to his two sons, Timothy and Jeffrey Spooner. Although the farm operation has undergone recent organizational changes, it remains vital to the region.

Ken M. Spooner Farms owns approximately 500 acres in the area, divided among five parcels. The operation uses each parcel for different purposes. Wholesale raspberry bush stock is the primary product, grown for commercial use on fumigated land. The plants are isolated from cross-pollination and viruses to provide reliable, quality planting stock to growers throughout the United States and select overseas markets. The Washington State Department of Agriculture regularly inspects the growing operation. Other properties host various food crops and recreational areas.

In addition to providing commercial growing stock, Ken M. Spooner Farms supplies a variety of foods to the local market. The company is a welcomed addition to farmers’ markets in several rural towns in and around Yelm, Puyallup, and Olympia. Crops include a range of berries, sweet corn, pumpkins, and other squash.

Job opportunities are available year round at Ken M. Spooner Farms and increase during the autumn harvest season. The farm in Puyallup has a particularly seasonal hiring practice because it hosts an annual harvest celebration. Local families visit the farm to enjoy a corn maze, hayrides, food vendor booths, and a pumpkin patch among other activities. Jeffrey Spooner is currently the sole owner of the Puyallup operation and property. Spooner Farms leases the land used for the pumpkin patch and corn maze attraction. He intends to use proceeds generated from the reorganization to invest in the Puyallup enterprise, possibly increasing property holdings.

Timothy Spooner is, as of February 2018, sole owner of the large property in Olympia where he continues to farm crops. Additionally, Tim and his wife own a separate business, Spooner Berry Farms. This operation leases property from the city of Yelm, Washington for berry harvesting to supplement its production. Tim’s portion of Ken M. Spooner Farms also hires a substantial crew thus supporting the local job market.

Since 1882, The Spooner Family has farmed in the Puyallup area. Timothy and Jeffery are the sixth generation to carry on the tradition of providing food, jobs, and revenue to the region. The family strives to develop better tasting crops and healthier berry stock to the farm’s commercial and retail customers.

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