Trump’s Tweet Attack Weekend Was A Seek And Destroy Mission

The president likes to tweet his presidential opinion so his loyal subjects can see what’s on his mind. Obviously, last weekend was an anxiety-filled adventure for Mr. Trump. He discovered the Christopher Steele Dossier is front and center again. Steele is the ex-British intelligence agent who did undercover work for a company that wanted more information on both campaigns in 2016.

Mr. Steele discovered Trump was in Moscow in 2015 for the Miss Universe Pageant, and he had meetings with Russians in order to get his Trump Tower Moscow project up and running. But the Trumpster also went wild during a party given by his Russian hosts. Trump was out-of-control, according to Steele’s unverified report. He got naked with some Russian hookers, and he did things that only hardcore porn stars do. The Russians made sure they recorded Trump’s salacious behavior.

The Steele report news sent Trump into a rage, so he gave deceased Senator John McCain a tweet-thrashing. McCain is the guy who gave the Steele report to the FBI after the 2016 election. Trump said he gave it to the FBI before the election. But the FBI had their own Trump investigation going on at the same time so they heard about Trump’s wild Russian orgy but there was no proof it really occurred.

When McCain’s daughter, Meghan saw Trump’s text messages about her dad she wasted no time giving the president a dose of his own tweeting medicine. Lindsey Graham tried to defend McCain too, but Graham dropped the ball and acted like the presidential Suckup he’s become over the last two years.

President Trump also tangled with Mary Barra, the CEO of GM and the UAW union over the closing of the GM factory in Lordstown, Ohio. Trump told Mary Barra she better do something with that factory quick or she would feel the wrath of the American people. Barra sent a message to Trump saying he needs to tend to his own knitting and leave the strong work to GM and the UAW union.

But the president didn’t stop there. He sent a tweet defending Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro. Trump wants Pirro back on the job even though she showed the world how bigotry looks on a high-profile woman.

Trump gave his followers a grand Twitter performance instead of playing golf or spending time with his family. And that didn’t sit well with some Trump supporters. Those supporters think Mr. Trump should stop tweeting so much and act more presidential during the 2020 campaign. But Trump’s gut instincts won’t make that happen. According to the New York Times, and other news agencies, tweeting is one of Trump’s addictions.

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