Art Peck : A Major Leader In The Apparel Industry

Art Peck currently serves as the CEO of Gap Inc. This company owns the Gap retail stores that are located in many malls and shopping centers throughout the United States. In addition to the flagship store, Gap Inc. owns well-known brands including Old Navy, Athleta and Banana Republic.

Art Peck received his undergraduate degree from Occidental College. He was then accepted at the Harvard Business School were he completed his MBA degree in a two-year period.

Mr. Peck began his career working in the area of finance with Avery Denison located in Pasadena, CA. In 1982, Mr. Peck left Avery Denison and went to work for The Boston Consulting Group. During his tenure with this company, Art Peck rose to become the Senior Vice President.

In 2005, Mr. Peck was hired at Gap Inc in the role of vice president of strategy and operations. This was most unusual in the apparel industry. Mr. Peck did not have any experience in the apparel industry before coming to Gap Inc.

Even though Art Peck didn’t have experience in the industry itself, he did have a wealth of business experience. He put his business acumen to work to make major changes in the was that Gap Inc. did business. One of his major innovations at the company was the way that Gap Inc. handled its global operations.

Before Art Peck came into the company, Gap Inc. struggled to open stores outside of the United States. The company only had a few stores located in Europe and Japan. Mr. Peck came up with a solution to the problem. He allowed investors to open up franchises of the Gap Inc. stores. This idea saw the company surge in the global marketplace. From just a handful of global stores when Mr. Peck arrived, Gap Inc. now has over 400 stores located outside of North America.

In 2006, Mr. Peck made another important contribution at Gap Inc. He introduced the Product Red campaign. This campaign allowed the company to make significant contributions to help those with HIV/AIDS on the African continent.

In 2015, Art Peck was promoted to his current position of CEO. He is currently overseeing a major restructuring of the company. It was recently announced that Gap Inc. will split into two different entities. Old Navy will be split out into a separate company. However, Art Peck will remain the leader of the overall group.

At this time, Mr. Peck is focused on bringing his retail corporation full-speed ahead. He is working on new ways to improve the company’s online presence and increase overall profitability.

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