Attorney General Bill Barr Is Not On Speaker Pelosi’s Favorites List

North Korea’s Kim Jon Un is still pissed at Donald Trump for leaving him with the lunch check at the Hanoi Summit. Mr. Trump couldn’t concentrate on Kim’s cries to life U.S. sanctions. Michael Cohen let it all hang out in front of Congress when Trump and Kim got together for the second fruitless summit.

Mr. Kim thought he had a deal with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, but at the last minute, Trump bailed on the deal. And he left Kim holding a Kimchi sandwich, and a bruised ego.

Kim wants to play nice on the world stage, according to Korean news reports. The North Korean leader decided to speak up before the meeting between Trump and South Korea’s President Moon. Kim told the press he wants to inflict a “telling blow” while the U.S. sanctions are in place. Kim believes North Korea’s economy will surprise Trump even with U.S. sanctions in place.

Kim’s comments about a “telling blow” didn’t surprise people as much as Julian Assange arrest did. Assange had asylum in Ecuador’s embassy in London for the last 13 years. But that came to an end when British authorities arrested the WikiLeaks founder for an old alleged sexual assault in Sweden. According to the Washington Post, WikiLeaks played a role in Trump’s 2016 win. But Trump claims all those accusations are part of the Mueller investigation’s attempt to remove him from office.

Attorney General Bill Barr told Congress he thinks the FBI spied on the Trump campaign. He wants to set up a task force to find out if the FBI acted illegally. After he made the spying claim, he backed off of that statement. Barr seems to be Trump’s attorney general, not the country’s attorney general, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Speaker Pelosi thinks Barr performance in front of Congress was a farce. Barr said he would release the Mueller report next week. But he decided to redact a lot of juicy details in the report to protect the ongoing investigation. Mr. Barr told Congress he decided what information was okay to read in the report. That statement didn’t sit well with Pelosi. And the Democrats who are investigating Trump’s business deals, and his financial transactions with Deutsche Bank aren’t happy either.

Speaker Pelosi told the press she doesn’t trust Bill Barr. But Trump does. And that gives Mr. Trump the confidence to claim a complete victory over Mueller’s investigation.

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