Brian Unmacht: Incoming CEO, Bartell Drugs

Brian Unmacht has been named the new CEO and president of Bartell Drugs; a Seattle-based family-owned drugs’ store. He was named the incoming president and CEO of the company in 2015. The 54-year-old business leader joined the company, bringing his leadership skills to the company after serving in various capacities in other companies. Brian Unmacht is the only CEO of the company who is not a member of the Bartell family.

The company had been under the leadership of George D. Bartell for the past 25 years. Although Brian Unmacht has been appointed as CEO of the company, George Bartell will also continue serving in the company as Chairman. Another member of the Bartell company that occupies an influential position in the company is Jean Bartell. He serves as Bartell’s treasurer and vice chairman.

Brian Unmacht Career History

Brian Unmacht has gained vast experience working in the drugstore industry. He was a crucial pillar in the running of his family’s drugstore previously. He worked for approximately three decades at REI soon after graduating college. Unmacht joins Bartell’s list of four CEOs who have served in the company for the past 26 years that the drugstore chain has been operational. In his new appointment as the CEO, Brian Unmatch is tasked with keeping Bartell Drugs relevant amidst stiff competition in the industry as well as working off other competitors.

Brian Unmacht’s experience in running his father’s drugstore put him in a good position in taking over as the CEO of Bartell. His father was also a pioneer in the drugstore industry, having started his own drugstore chains in the 1970s. Brian learned vital aspects of management, bookkeeping, and business operations during his tenure at his father’s drugstore chain. He eventually became the manager of his family’s drugstore specializing in financing and filing.

How Bartell Drugs Will Manage Competition

The competition that has recently characterized pharmaceutical retailers is rife. Therefore, Brian will have a demanding task ahead of him as he takes over as the CEO. Some of Bartell’s significant competitors are Walgreens and CVS. One way that Brian has devised to ward off competition is by stocking products that are not available in other stores. Some of the unique products that they sell at Bartell Drugs are custom ice cream and local candy. These products have been available to their customers due to their close relationship with local vendors.

Bartell’s Reasons for Introducing Outsiders to the Company

The past 126 years have witnessed only Bartell family members running the company. However, the family members decided to bring in outsiders into the management of the company as a way of gaining a new business perspective. One person who came to the mind of the Bartells was Brian Unmacht. He was the company’s best bet since he was experienced in running their family’s drugstore.

Bartells Drugs hopes to increase its market share in the drug retailing business in the future. One way they expect to do this is by adding three more stores to their chain. Indeed, with a CEO like Brian Unmacht, the company is set to grow in leaps and bounds.

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