Cactus Feeders Fosters New Methods To Cattle Feed And Meat Production

Cactus Feeders is a ranch that raises cows and pigs, and they are heavily involved in the process of feeding their stock and others around the country. The original farm began in the mid-1970s, and they have been involved in sustainability feed long before it became fashionable. Cactus Feeders has been fine-tuning their production to create more products with less waste and consuming fewer resources along the way. The stock is released in half a dozen states, which allows them the opportunity for growth and rotation. The business also employs almost 750 individuals through various seasons, and employees enjoy the benefit of owning part of the company.

The management focuses on the breeds, land, and food and how all of the animals are handled on the ranches and in preparation. The business is one of the greatest producers of beef in the United States, and because of this, they have an in-depth understanding of how to handle mass quantities of animals in an environmentally friendly and safe manner. The ranch has stood out because of their standards and methods of providing proper nutrition to these stocks.

The company was awarded the American Meat Institutions Industrial Award for advancement. The Meat Institution is an association that fosters laws to protect individuals and meat preparation companies, so they can work hand-in-hand to provide quality and nutritional products. The institution was one of the first to promote inspections of facilities. Cactus Feeders was awarded the advancement honor because of their willingness to embrace technology and forward the business by encouraging more efficiency and quality throughout the industry.

Cactus Feeders offers programs that allow clients to finance feed. They are actively involved in finding ways for their clients to fund feeding their cows with quality high-grade products. The management is continually staying active in the meat and feed industry as well as how to effectively get the word out that they have a feed product that could change the way business is done in many cattle production farms across the country.

A paper was published from a university out of the state of Washington, which covered the idea of cleaner grazing land for cows. They described a clean environment as a meadow that had not been used for grazing for at least a year. The research paper commented that the occasional clearing out of the land allowed for crop rotation and reduced parasitic infection. Having stock off of the meadow reduced the animals chance of becoming infected or reinfected. Cattle can be effectively dewormed with safe treatments and stay that way, and adding cleaner fields kept infections at a minimum.

Cactus Feeders focuses on many preventive measures. Some techniques have the employees controlling the stock in a relaxed manner, so the animals do not become overly excited. Animals who are under constant tension will not be as healthy and will not weigh as much as animals that are allowed to roam in a more natural environment.

Cactus Feeders stays up on continuing education about pasture lands, cattle care, and pig production. The business has always been forward-thinking for many decades now, and they work to incorporate new knowledge and techniques in the business of farm and feed as well as animal care and meat production.

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