Cardinal Innovations Manages Healthcare With Compassion

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare is a managed care plan specifically for those diagnosed with mental health issues, intellectual or developmental disabilities, and substance abuse disorders. Beginning with clinical care and coverage, the organization extends its network to include community outreach and training programs that assist members. Cardinal Innovations Healthcare works to advocate and support a comprehensive system involving Medicaid, locally-funded plans, and insurance coverage.

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare is a nonprofit organization that serves the state. The organization pioneered the managed healthcare model that includes both healthcare plans with a designated provider network and local community support partners. This collaboration is meant to improve quality of life for people with mental health and addiction afflictions. It is Cardinal’s contention that an approach that reinforces healthy, stable, and productive lifestyles within its member population eases the burden on taxpayers and funding programs.

Benefiting from diversification
Beyond medical care, people diagnosed with intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental health, or substance use disorders, referred to as IDD/MH/SUD diagnoses, have complex recovery and maintenance needs. Because meeting these needs involves working with religious organizations, employers, cultural groups, and other demographics, it is important that Cardinal Innovations Healthcare incorporates a workforce as diverse as its member base. The organization includes team members and crisis call center operators specifically sensitive to veterans’ needs. A range of perspectives, viewpoints, and cultural experiences increases the competency and effectiveness to the organization’s team.

Advocating for inclusion
Part of creating a healthy, productive lifestyle and safety net for people with IDD/MH/SUD and their families is removing the stigma attached to these conditions. Cardinal Innovations Healthcare seeks to work as a team with community organizations and awareness events to educate the public and familiarize members with their resources. Cardinal offers cultural competence training, as well. The organization welcomes input and inspiration from the communities and members it serves regarding ways to overcome obstacles to inclusion. This approach is meant to add to the feeling of connection and empowerment for all parties.

Establishing work ethics
Another pioneering effort Cardinal Innovations Healthcare is undertaking is the establishment of industry-standard core values. Primarily, the organization focuses on integrity, accountability, and compassion and hopes to show measurable improvements in patient outcome using this approach. The organization recognizes that implementing these changes will take courage on the parts of healthcare providers, communities, and IDD/MH/SUD plan members. Institutions and society have long-held beliefs and attitudes that innovators may need to change or find compromises for to make progress.

Changes in Medicaid and veterans’ benefits may affect the future of managed healthcare systems such as Cardinal Innovations Healthcare; however, the organization plans to continue to find optimal coverage packages for its members. Cardinal strives to provide a range of plans and providers to make it possible for members to make choices regarding their care in a dignified and respected manner.

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