Democratic Candidates Disagree On Trump Impeachment

Democratic presidential candidates were not in agreement on Monday when asked whether or not the results of the Mueller investigation justified the impeachment of current President Donald Trump. The divide amongst the Democratic presidential hopefuls is indicative of the party split over how to respond to the report from Robert Mueller regarding Russian interference in the last presidential election.

Three Democratic candidates who appeared on a CNN televised event in New Hampshire sidestepped questions about impeaching the president.

Kamala Harris, who is currently a U.S. Senator from California, says the matter should be pursued by Congress. Harris then expressed a belief an impeachment attempt would be unsuccessful.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was the lone candidate to express full support for a Donald Trump impeachment. Warren said that no other American could commit the acts outlined in the Mueller report and avoid time in jail.

Julian Castro is another 2020 presidential hopeful and the one-time mayor of San Antonio, Texas. Castro was not present at the CNN event but has been vocal in his calls to impeach Donald Trump.

Mueller’s report was released to the public last Thursday and showed that Donald Trump was determined to stop the investigation into Russian meddling at all cost. Mueller did not seek to accuse or exonerate the president of a crime. Instead, he left that responsibility to Congress.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, along with other prominent leaders of the Democratic Party, has warned against attempting to impeach the president before next year’s election.

The thinking of Pelosi and the Democrats who agree with her is that they would not gain the votes from the Republican-controlled Senate to execute impeachment. This would most likely play into the hands of Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

However, a group of prominent liberals demanded the proceedings for impeachment begin immediately upon the release of the Mueller report.

In a letter Pelosi penned to fellow Democrats, she did not take the option of impeachment off the table. She did suggest, however, that party members should understand Trump could be held accountable with being impeached. Pelosi also wrote the actions of the president were completely unethical whether he can be charged with a crime or not.

United States Senator Bernie Sanders expressed he would rather talk about the important issues facing the nation in the months leading up to the election and not concentrate on Donald Trump and the Mueller investigation.

One thing all Democrats seem to agree on is they must defeat Donald Trump at the ballot box in November 2020.

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