Fox Cancels The Gifted After Two Seasons

Fox Entertainment announced earlier this week that their comic book television show The Gifted would not be returning for a third season next year. The news was first by The Hollywood Reporter, which also revealed that the comedy series Rel was also canceled by the network. The two series are the first casualties to the recent merger of Disney and Fox. The Gifted loosely adapted storylines from the X-Men comic series, following the Strucker family as they try to protect their children from anti-mutant government agencies in the mutant underground. Despite being canceled by Fox, the series might find life on another platform. Deadline Hollywood reports that Disney is considering moving the series to the family-themed channel Freeform or streaming service Hulu, of which they own a large stake.

Despite a strong online fanbase, The Gifted struggled with ratings throughout its two-season run. Watched by over 4.9 million people when it premiered in 2017, the show slowly bled viewers. The final episode was watched by only 1.6 million viewers.

In interviews promoting the series before its second season debut last October, producer Derek Hoffman told that it was the show’s goal to show audiences that the Struckers and the mutants in the series aren’t all that different from regular people. Hoffman says that he hopes audiences will feel for the characters as they are placed in harrowing circumstances, confessing that he and the other writers often feel bad about putting their creations through such difficult times.

Fans of the series will be especially upset as the second season ended on a cliffhanger hinting at a possible adaptation of the classic X-Men storyline “Days of Future Past.” Speaking to reporters about the cliffhanger, Polaris actress Emma Dumont teased that the true meaning of the finale would surprise fans. Calling the cliffhanger a “crazy twist,” Dumont said that the cast was also surprised by the script. Showrunner Matt Nix also said that the finale pushed the show’s production capabilities, revealing that producers were worried that the series’ special effects department wouldn’t be able to match the episode’s bold writing.

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