Kim Jong Un Has Putin In His Sanction Relief Corner And China Thinks That’s A Good Thing

The correspondent’s dinner didn’t have that juicy satirical attitude it had before Trump decided to boycott the event. Mr. Trump missed the event again this year. But he didn’t go to Mar-a-Lago to lick his Mueller wounds. He went to Wisconsin to stir up the Trumpians who still feel Trump is the bomb.

Mr. Trump didn’t disappoint the audience when he went into Fake News bashing mode. By the time Trump finished his rant on the media, the audience was up on their feet, and they were screaming “Lock CNN Up.” But Trump didn’t spend more than an hour and twenty minutes just bashing the media. He took on Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. And he told the audience Jess Smollett was a lowdown, dirty character and a bad actor no one’s heard of.

Trump ability to brag about things he hasn’t accomplished but says he did accomplish were on display as he talked about the booming economy and the low unemployment. He told the audience his wall is now a reality. He said 400 miles of border wall will be in place by the end of 2020 even though there is no construction on a new wall.

The president’s Wisconsin performance is a preview of what’s coming when Trump puts his foot to campaign metal, and he starts firing truckloads of Trumpisms at his adoring audiences. Mr. Trump knows he needs a win in Wisconsin and Michigan in 2020. Both states turned blue after the midterm elections.

While Mr. Trump gave his voter base a taste of Trump unhinged, Attorney General Bill Barr said he’s not going to sit in front of Congress unless they follow his rules. Barr doesn’t want Congress to read the unredacted Mueller report, and he doesn’t want to answer questions from staff lawyers. Congress wants its staff lawyers to trap Barr. Lawmakers think Barr is in love with Trumpism and that hurts his ability to function as an effective attorney general.

Kim Jon Un still feels the pain from the Trump walkout. The North Korean leader decided to ask Putin to help him convince Trump to lift the sanctions that hurt the people of North Korea. Putin thinks Trump should think about lifting some of the sanctions when Kim destroys some of his nuclear weapons. Kim won’t give up all his nukes at one time, according to Putin. And China agrees with Putin.

But Japan’s Abe and Trump want Korea to give up all their nuclear hopes before the sanctions go away. Putin and China’s President Xi say that won’t happen.

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