Milk Street Mixing Up The Way Cooking And Recipes Are Perfected

Milk Street is a Massachusetts-based business that focuses on teaching meal preparations and recipes, and they offer up cooking advice in the forms of an online magazine, podcasts, and TV shows. Some of the flavors that the chefs create are a combination of international cuisines and classic techniques. The atmosphere can be described as a culinary adventure.

Milk Street’s podcast offer a plethora of cooking advice and answer many questions their visitors might have about baking, ingredients, or general cooking. The podcasts won a lifestyle celebration award from the Webby Association. The recordings are one hour and cover some recipes such as lentils flavored with Lebanese spices, risotto mixed with bright saffron, and gnocchi style dumplings.

In addition to radio and podcasts, Milk Street does videos. The videos are entertaining as well as informative. Some of the topics that recently have been covered are what to do when you only have a dull knife to work with and how to quickly and easily peel bulbs of garlic. Some fun things you will learn are how to stir-fry and make the perfect pot of rice. There is no shortage of dessert videos to watch. You can learn how to make a sweet potato pie with a unique twist or how to add a little spice to your morning cup of joe. There are helpful review programs that demonstrate a few of the hot kitchen tools and which ones might just become another gadget in your kitchen drawer.

The Milk Street school is a teaching environment where you will learn to create decadent works of art, combine techniques, and add spices to your own award-winning dishes. There are several ways you can attend the school. There are the live classes in the city of Boston. The live classes in Boston offer a variety of themes. At one workshop, you can learn the art of baking. If you have ever wanted to make dim sum, there is an Asian inspired cooking course. Some of the other cuisines you can learn are Vietnamese and vegetarian. A few of the teachers are the founder, the educational director Miss Guild, and one of the editors, Mr. Card.

If you have a busy life or cannot get to town, the company has an online classroom. The online school offers you a video classroom that you can attend on your time. Each video goes through the step-by-step process of creating a dish, and it will cover the ingredients and equipment you will need. At the end of the online course, you will be challenged with some questions. With each online video class, there are 10 dishes to study and perfect. The online cooking programs are packaged in themes. One of the classes teaches you how to prepare pasta, another course is all about chicken, and another option is learning how to cook with spices.

Milk Street school is changing the way cooking is taught as well as how recipes are shared. Their traditional recipes often get a new twist that makes them new favorites.

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