The Mueller Report Did A Number On Trump’s Approval Rating

One day after Trump claimed total victory in the Mueller report saga, he lashed out at Mueller. He also lashed out at the people who protected him from his quest to obstruct justice. The president wanted White House Lawyer Don McGahn to fire Mueller, but McGahn knew that would be a mistake. Instead of putting up with Trump’s unethical and illegal requests, McGahn resigned.

Mr. Trump also tried to bully several White House aides after former Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the investigation. Sessions put Rod Rosenstein, another Trump appointee, in charge of Mueller, but that didn’t satisfy Trump. After Sessions Told Trump he named Robert Mueller special counsel, Trump told Sessions he ended his presidency by allowing Mueller to investigation his interactions with the Russians during his 2016 campaign. Mr. Trump fired Sessions after the midterm elections, but Trump wanted to fire Jeff after he fired Comey.

The Mueller report paints a picture of Trump that’s not presidential. Mueller gave Congress a roadmap of Trump’s misbehavior. Mueller knew he couldn’t indict the president even though he listed 10 possible obstructions of justice situations. Mr. Trump claims Mueller’s description of his behavior during the campaign, and in the White House, are fabrications designed to bring him down.

Even though Attorney General Bill Barr tried to make the report sound less damaging than it is, Trump’s poll numbers after the report are not good. Five days before the Mueller report went to Congress, Trump had a 40 percent approval rating. Now that the report is out, his approval rating dropped to 37 percent. Fifty percent of adult voters think Trump tried to derail Mueller’s investigation.

Plus. 50 percent of adult voters believe Trump and his campaign had some kind of deal with the Russians in order to win the election. Sixty-eight percent of the people polled believe Trump did illegal things during the campaign and in the White House. That number was 49 percent before Barr released the Mueller report.

Mueller’s report gave Trump another reason to leave Washington and head to his Florida White House, Mar-a-Lago. Trump played gold with his pal Rush Limbaugh to ease some of the Mueller pain. Mr. Trump spends a lot of time in Florida. According to one news report, Trump played golf at one of his resort at least 183 times while he’s been in office. And he’s spent 245 days at a Trump property since he brought his mobster act to Washington.

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