The Path Taken By Amit Kleinberger

Amit Kleinberger has many defining characteristics that lead him to succeed. He is innovative, passionate, caring, intelligent, business savvy, and creative.

As one of the brightest business minds for the new age Amit Kleinberger is elevating the food experience as nourishment for the body and soul. He shows that a caring approach to nutritional sustenance and fostering an environment for creative experience can transcend what the world has come to know. Now, Amit is nurturing a new project. In addition to the extravagant frozen deserts of Menchie’s, he is elevating what is arguably the world’s most favorite meal.

As CEO of MidiCi, The Neapolitan Pizza Company, Amit will bring an out-of-this-world experience to pizza. While few people get bored with the common pizza combination of cheese, sauce, and maybe pepperoni or sausage, it is no secret that the more exotic toppings can be quite captivating. Like the endless flavor and topping combinations of Menchie’s, Amit’s pizza company will offer food that stands apart from the competition.

Leadership Style
Amit Kleinberger is a recognized figure in the business community. He is known for his innovation and nack at forging success. These qualities make for the type of personality that others gravitate toward. It is no surprise that he appeared in the show Undercover Boss a couple of times. Amit’s hands-on-approach is a big factor to the success of his companies. Supporting staff grow with his leadership, not just through directives, but through in-person experiences. Making multilevel connections with company personnel is the type of culture that great companies exhibit.

Activities and Passions
Most successful people excel at activities beyond their chosen profession. Amit Kleinberger is no different. Well, he is not your average personality, but in terms of making excellence a habit, he is right there among other passionate innovators. Amit is a pioneer and philanthropist. He extends his efforts to local schools. It is not enough for him to follow the good leadership of others. He recognizes that the mind and soul need to strive for better experiences.

Amit’s special activity is ping pong. According to him, the globally celebrated game has much to teach, that is, beyond being fun of course. In the Fowler Tribune, Amit is quoted about his comments on consumer tastes, market trends, forecasting, leadership and more. Amit identified seven important lessons that ping pong expands upon. These are tactical strategies, timely reactions, self-evaluation, the need for excellence, thinking on your feet, maintaining focus, and overcoming mistakes.

Amit Kleinberger’s future is a bright one. Both his business savvy and eye for refreshing ideas are in high demand in today’s economy. His choice of investing in popular foods allows for his vision to grow with broad horizons. It is hard to gauge where Amit will land next, but one thing is certain, it will be innovative, creative, and a wonderful experience for the human soul.

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