Trump Sticks It To Biden At Republican Congressional Dinner

Former Vice President Joe Biden had a no-good, terrible few days. Biden’s not in the 2020 race yet. But he feels like he is after being accused of being a dirty old man.

Mr. Biden is not a dirty old man even though he likes to get up close and personal with women who cross his political path. Joe’s a compassionate guy who likes people. Sometimes Joe gets caught up in a moment. He may plant a kiss on an unsuspecting female in those moments, but it’s a harmless gesture, according to Mr. Biden. But in the age of the #MeToo movement, that kind of invasion of privacy is unacceptable.

Mr. Trump finally had some fun at Joe’s expense at a National Republican Congressional Committee dinner. He asked Joe if he was having a good time. Trump knew Biden was under political attack and he blamed the attack on the Democrats. Trump thinks left-leaning Democrats want to keep Biden out of the race. He’s 10-points ahead of Bernie Sanders in a couple of polls.

During that dinner, Trump said he’s going to war with the Democratic Socialists who have an agenda that includes healthcare for all, free college tuition, climate change initiatives, lower drug prices, and a $15 minimum wage along with several other popular social programs. Trump doesn’t like those concepts.

The Democrats want the United States to wake up and realize it’s time to join the other Democratic socialist countries that pay attention to the needs of the people. Canada, Britain, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark all have healthcare programs that give people low-cost or free healthcare.

Trump’s dinner speech didn’t contain any new material. He blamed the Democrats for the Southern border debacle, and he talked about his new campaign slogan, “Keep America Great.” But he didn’t get the response he expected. He gave Jesse Smollett another Trump thumping. Trump is still mad at Jesse for using a MAGA hat as a prop in his alleged self-inflicted debacle.

The president took a lot of heat from Republicans when he tried to sell a non-existent Republican healthcare program to his voter base. The Republicans also got a case of political indigestion when the president threatened to close the Southern border.

But in true Trump fashion, he backed away from the healthcare battle. And he may not close the border now that Mitch McConnell said it was a stupid and costly idea. All that border closing talk gave Nancy Pelosi an opportunity to let Americans know Trump continues to come up with stupid and costly ideas that serve his distorted domestic agenda.

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