What Keeps Paul Griff Going?

Paul Griff is the sort of person who does not just ask people about their problems but rather provides feasible solutions to overcome them. As a man who had humble beginnings in business, he knows what it feels like to be short of success, even if it just by a fraction. Any loss of potential business can feel soul-crushing when you become stuck on what you could have done better, but very few people actually take their own advice to heart. Instead, they end up making the very same mistakes.

It is for this reason that Paul Griff encourages young entrepreneurs that he mentors to always move forward. If you are stuck in the past, you will be standing still. However, if you are looking ahead of you, you have the freedom to mess up a few times just as long as you are progressing. Oftentimes, our mistakes are a very crucial part of the process of succeeding, and we tend to not give them the credit they deserve.

Paul Griff knows that sheer dedication is hardly going to be enough to make it in the business world. You cannot always will your way through a situation, but you absolutely will be unable to do so when your passion is not present. Because of this, Paul Griff advises young businesspeople to get involved in an industry that they already have interest in; if you follow a trend, or chase after whatever might make you cash the fastest, then you are going to experience severe burnout.

For Paul Griff, burnout is a constant looming threat. He treats it with complete seriousness as he would any other feeling of mental distress. Oftentimes, people have this view of success that involves a necessary amount of mental torment. However, this is not the case. You do not have to put yourself in a harmful situation just to get your hands on some money; in fact, if anything, doing so is going to lessen your chances to succeed.

When you look at someone like Paul Griff, and you see just how dedicated he is to his craft, and you watch him take yet another overtime shift just working on one last project, you might be baffled. Most of the time, this level of devotion is extremely admirable. However, the reason for his success lies purely in his love for the massage business; his raw, unfiltered passion is what keeps him going, and he does not seem like he will be stopping anytime soon.

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