All About GBS Warranty Services

GBS Enterprises is an American company that deals primarily in sleep products for healthy living and mattress and/or furniture protection services. They have a massive variety of products, unsurprising for a large company and industry leader. GBS provides their products to other retailers, primarily in the furniture, mattress or bedding, pest control, and hospitality industries. Many of the retailers that are supplied by GBS are also industry leaders for their specific place in the supply chain. In addition, GBS offers warranty services to protect various pieces of furniture. GBS warranty services are varied enough to supply what is needed by the customer, but not so varied that the selection of such is overwhelming.

GBS Warranty Services offers a ‘protect all’ plan for several products. They are written in as plain of English as possible – not confusing legalese. In addition, the plans are fully supported and underwritten by CNA Insurance which is a company that was founded in 1897. Furniture can be protected, the ‘protect all’ plan covers rips, tears, stains, and burns. It also can protect furniture with moving mechanical and/or electrical frames or parts. Finally, furniture can be protected for three or five year contracts. In addition, there are ‘protect all’ plans that GBS warranty services offers for adjustable beds. It covers repair and replacement for motors, mechanisms, electrical components, controllers, and power surges. The area rug and other carpeting ‘protect all’ plan has similar levels of comprehensiveness. Food and beverage stains are covered, human and pet bodily fluids, ballpoint ink from pens, and even lipstick stains. Finally, the ‘protect all’ plan from GBS Warranty Services for outdoor furniture provides quality coverage even for exterior spaces. Human and pet bodily fluids are covered, water or beverage ring marks, rips, tears, stains, burns, and singe marks are also covered. In addition, glass damage or breaking is covered, as well as functionality impairing rust and breakage of frames and mechanisms that occur after warranty lapse date.

While this coverage is great, GBS also has a long-standing history of providing a quality service for their customers. GBS entered the protections and warranty service industry in 2002, back when it was a relatively new section of the mattress and furniture market. After quickly achieving success in this sector, the company expanded its options and began introducing green and eco-friendly options, as well as expanding the level of products and services that were being offered.

In addition to GBS Warranty Services, they also are retailer distributors of several products. For instance, the Healthy Sleep Advanced Line of mattress protectors. They are breathable but waterproof without changing the feel of the mattress, and is doctor recommended for preventing dust mites. Their mattress encasement systems of the same line are five or six sided, with hidden zippers. They are moisture resistant and waterproof, and can prevent bed bugs from entering a mattress or bedding environment and laying eggs. It is also a fantastic barrier for dust mite prevention or other inflammatory airborne allergens.

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