By Drawing Inspiration From Its Founder, Campus Apartments Has Revolutionized Today’s College Housing Sector

Founded in 1958 and based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Campus Apartments is one of the leading providers of student housing in the United States today. The company was founded by Alan Horwitz and is currently headed up by Chief Executive Officer David Adelman. The firm started out focussing on providing housing solutions for students at Philadelphia’s University of Pennsylvania but now has operations in twenty-five of the states in the United States. Campus Apartments has grown significantly over the years and now ranks as the largest privately held provider of student housing solutions in the United States.

The initial inspiration for the founding of Campus Apartments in 1958 came when founder Alan Horwitz saw the long line of students that had built up waiting to find housing solutions at the University of Pennsylvania. He quickly had the inspiration that he could do better and set out to form a company that could fill this niche. One of the things that Alan Horwitz noticed in founding Campus Apartments was the fact that the majority of rental properties in the area were not properly managed. He felt there was a big demand for a professionalized service that could offer students the kind of housing solutions that would appeal to both them and their parents as well.

The business model that Alan Horwitz put into place allowed Campus Apartments to completely change the overall landscape of the college housing scene in the Philadelphia region. By the 1990s, the company saw a great deal of growth as expansion occurred in other major college town markets. Growth was also accomplished by making use of a number o strategic partnerships that were developed by the team at Campus Apartments. This has led to the company becoming one of the most successful firm’s in the college housing market today. The entrepreneurial spirit of founder Alan Horwitz continues to run strong in the fabric of the Campus Apartments business model.

Beyond the long-standing partnership that Campus Apartments has with the University of Pennsylvania, the firm has also built up great working relationships with a number of other respected academic institutions. Current partners include schools such as Emory University and Shippensburg University among many others across the country. The administrative teams at these partner schools routinely comment on how valuable it has been to their schools to be able to partner with a professional organization such as Campus Apartments.

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