Dozens Of Rescues After Storms Ravage Central States

A tornado outbreak in the central area of the country resulted in at least 30 funnels that touched down. Severe weather ravaged the area over the course of two days, flooding towns that can’t handle any more rain. Aside from the tornadoes, strong winds caused significant damage to buildings and homes. Firefighters and other emergency officials responded to dozens of water rescues during and after the storms swept through areas of Oklahoma.

While heavy rains covered Oklahoma, most of the tornadoes impacted Kansas and Missouri as residents started to pick up the pieces after the storm system pushed east. Within the span of five days, over 120 reports of tornadoes were made. Most were small funnels that didn’t cause a lot of damage. However, there were a few with winds well over 100 mph that topple mobile homes and caused severe damage to buildings. Town officials across the areas impacted made statements to residents to warn them about staying away from downed power lines and trees. There were also warnings given before the storms arrived asking residents to seek shelter in a safe location.

A state trooper in Nebraska was able to capture an image of a twister on camera while he was on the side of the road. The image clearly shows the clouds at the top of the tornado and the funnel stretching from the sky to the ground. Initial reports from the trooper indicated to those who saw the image that the tornado appeared to remain over a field. One county saw more than two dozen water rescues as officials were called to help people trapped in their homes or in their cars. One woman was rescued after she was found holding on to a tree as the water roared past her. More severe weather is expected over the course of several days following the outbreak.

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