Mueller Tells Trump He Has The Evidence But The DOJ Tied His Hands

John Bolton claims Iran damaged those oil freighters in the Strait of Hormuz. He claims Iranian-funded drones tried to start a war Iran doesn’t want to fight. Trump tries to calm Bolton down, but the president knows he may need to start a war as a distraction. Iran won’t fight with Bolton the way he wants to fight. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has Bolton’s picture on their top ten wanted list. And John is number one. John beat out Trump by a slight margin.

Joe Biden didn’t fight back when Kim Jon Un and the Trumpster gang up on him. The dictator and his protégé Kim said Joe’s IQ was low. Kim said some other nasty things about Biden, and Trump gave him the thumbs-up. According to the New Times, Trump wants to internationally embarrass Biden. That way the foreign hackers will know what his main opponent looks like when they start interfering with the 2020 election.

Lindsey Graham might want to start packing his office now that Jaime Harrison, the ex-chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, is his challenger. Harrison said Lindsey’s love affair with Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf outings show he’s lost touch with his constituents. Trump won South Carolina in 2016, but now that Harrison is in the race, the Democrats may gain a Senate seat.

Senator Graham thinks Trump will win in 2020. But the courts put Trump’s lawsuits against Congress on the fast track. Trump thought he could stall exposing his mobster activities until he declared himself emperor in 2020. But according to judges from all areas of the country, Congress has a solid case. Congress will get Trump’s financial information and tax returns faster than Mr. Trump expected, according to a Times article.

Michigan Congressman Justin Amash told Barr he blew his credibility when he decided to tell the world Trump was not a criminal. Republican Amash, an Independent, read the Mueller report from cover-to-cover. He’s convinced Barr gave the American public his version of a legal cover-up when he wrote his summary.

Bob Mueller finally decided he needed to clear the stench from Trump’s no-collusion brainfarts and let the public know Trump did some law-breaking things. But a Department of Justice rule stopped Mueller from indicting Mr. Trump while he is in office. Bill Barr made up his own Mueller report story. Mueller said Barr got it wrong. There is plenty of proof of obstruction, witness tampering, and threating witnesses, in the Mueller report.

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